Nautanki Saala song Dil ki toh lag gayi: Ayushmann Khurrana and Pooja Salvi indulge in some ‘serious fun’!

The soft romantic funny track is quite an experiment and will work big time with music lovers. We enjoyed!

It seems our so-called talented lyricists just can’t get over the Hindi slang lag gayi/ lag gaye (means screwed). There has been an over-usage of the phrase in recent timesMujhe toh teri lat lag gayi (Race 2), followed by Mere toh L lag gaye (Jolly LLB) and now Dil ki toh lag gayi (Nautanki Saala) which is quite unique and addictive.

The crazy lyrics like ‘Rumba romance, tequila shot, Mogambo khush hua’ make for humourous elements in this number. Saba Azad’s rendition makes this special composition even better, and the feel of the song reminds us of Dil ko hazaar baar from Murder. So take a look at this track and tell us if you like it!