Nautanki Saala song Saadi galli aaja: Ayushmann Khurrana and Pooja Salvi’s imagination runs wild

In the mood for love? Then you’ve arrived at just the right destination…

Nautanki Saala’s new song Saadi galli aaja revolves around those initial moments of a relationship where the lovers spend most of their time day dreaming about what could, would or should happen between the two. So, er, what actually are these two dreaming about in this one?

Well, let your imagination run on a slightly wild lane where there’s loads of smooching, feeling and undressing, ‘coz that’s precisely what is running in the cuddly heads of Ayushmann Khurrana and Pooja Salvi. Hmm, but do all those words make you wonder if this video’s gonna be sleazy? Trust us, it’s not. It’s cute, romantic, a tad naughty, but not at all sleazy.

Moreover, the song bears a clear stamp of Ayushmann. And the places where he stands with his guitar might remind you of the song Paani da from Vicky Donor. Pooja Salvi tries her best to look sexy and coy at the same time, but kinds of fails at the job. Hmm, what does that say about her acting skills? We shudder at the thought.

Coming back to this number, the lyrics are in Punjabi and have been composed by Ayushmann and Rochak Kohli. Mr Khurrana has lent his voice to this one and we’re glad about it.

So take a look at it, and tell us if Saadi galli aaja reminds you of those first mushy moments of your affair. Quick!