Posted Sat, October 20, 2012 10:08am IST

Grey may not be your happy, chirpy colour, but it can certainly add a touch of class to your ensemble

Shades of grey seldom evoke strong reactions, but one can’t underestimate the beauty and the subtle statement the colour makes. Grey symbolises integrity, modesty and intelligence. B-town celebs know the power of this neutral colour very well. Perhaps that’s why many choose grey especially for their red carpet appearances. This neutral hue has the capacity to create a nice contrast against a bold backdrop and makes the wearer stand out,especially amidst the riot of multicolour that usually is the fashion statement at these dos. We spotted style conscious A-list celebs donning various shades of grey at different exclusive events.

From Hrithik’s cool grey tee to Aamir’s grey trousers perfectly matched with a solid black tee and from Deepika Padukone’s shimmery silver grey gown to Rahul Khanna’s royal grey suit, the pale spectrum between white and black simply had us hooked by its myriad hues. Who said grey was dull and boring? In fact, if coordinated well, it can spell magic. It’s time to take a cue from the grey-loving celebs and follow the trend with élan!