Navya: Tonight’s (15-09-2011) episode – A sneek peek

In tonight’s episode you will see that Rama takes on to check his husband Mohan’s call list but, to her disappointment, she finds nothing. Anant’s family refuses his request. Angered by this, Anant walks out of home only to return and convey that he will not give up on Navya. The next day in college, he tries to pretend before all that all is well but Navya recognizes that he’s pretending. She asks Anant to tell her the truth. Meanwhile, Rama, who is still suspicious of her husband Mohan, secretly follows him. Coincidentally, Mohan bumps into Renuka. Rama sees this but she fails to see the face of the woman whom he’s with.

What happens next? To know, don’t forget to catch up with ‘Navya‘ on Star Plus at 10 pm

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