Naya Pata trailer: Pawan K Shrivastava tells a tale about loss of identity

The director is the first ever independent filmmaker to have resorted to Crowd Funding for financing his film

It is the year of cinema which doesn’t get backed by big production houses. While agencies like National Film Development Corporation or producers like Dibakar Banerjee Films and UTV Motion Pictures are serving as a level playing field for a lot of interesting cinema to reach out to the audiences, there are other innovative methods like crowd funding that help independent filmmakers to tell their stories without financial hassles. Pawan K Shrivastava is one such storyteller who has gone on to become the first Bihari native to have his film produced through crowd funding.

His film Naya Pata revolves around various issues like loss of identity, sense of belonging and a sense of displacement from one’s homeland. The trailer of the film that was recently released looks gripping as one can get a feeling of isolation and loneliness from it. The film is about Ram Swarath who is uprooted from his native land and forced to migrate to a big city due to his strenuous financial circumstances. Does he return home to a loving family after a long hiatus or does he always remain lost and torn between two worlds? The story of Naya Pata delves into the questions and tries answering them.

Watch the trailer here and tell us about the impact it has on you.