Neeraj Ghaywan’s short film The Epiphany to be released online by Viacom

A short film about a divorced couple taking a road trip will be premiered online by a major studio

Short films, both interesting and important ones, are mostly released at film festivals where not everyone gets a chance to see them. And most people would agree that the internet is undoubtedly the place where such movies can be screened and find a large viewership. And with super interesting short films coming out of India, the big studios it seems are noticing the potential and trying to make routes so that such films can be made available to the junta.

Neeraj Ghaywan’s Hinglish short film The Epiphany is one such movie that has got the notice of the big studios, and Viacom18 Motion Pictures will be releasing the film online. The movie is about a divorced couple from Mumbai forced to take a road trip back home after their college reunion in Pune. As they meet an old woman on the highway in desperate need of help, their disparate sense of morality, culture and class creates friction, scraping the wounds of past that they thought was long gone.

The movie, in partnership with Google, will release on June 3, and is going to be free to view online. So check out the trailer, and be sure to keep checking for more updates on The Epiphany!