Neil Nitin Mukesh has fans in Fiji!

The good-looking actor discovered a big bunch of his admirers when he was shooting on the quaint streets of the island country for his new film, 3G

Neil Nitin Mukesh and his co-star Sonal Chauhan – rumour has it that the two young actors share more than a professional relationship – have been working days and nights in the gorgeous setting of the far flung Fiji islands for the horror thriller 3G.

On one day when the team was shooting in the capital city of Suva, nearly 500 locals arrived on the sets to see what was going on. Producer of 3G Viki Rajani says, “There was a lot of anticipation among the locals, as not too many films are shot here. Also, they were very enthusiastic and could not contain their excitement at seeing the actors on the local streets.”

The shooting had to be stalled for a while as the crowd became unmanageable. A lot of them were pretty excited to see Neil. We are also pleasantly surprised to know that people in Fiji actually know about him! The Players actor happily posed with his newfound fans and signed autographs for them. Rajani says, “They (crowd) co-operated when Neil gave them autographs and posed for pictures with them.”

So the next time Neil doesn’t feel like a star in Mumbai, his home city crowded with B-towners, he can take a flight to Fiji and feel like a true hero!