Neil Nitin Mukesh loves everything Guju!

And it’s not just because the Punjabi lad loves gorging on dhoklas or theplas, but something more personal and special!

Just in case you belong to the industrious Indian state, Gujarat, or you can converse in the vocabulary of the people of that area, you will have a forever friend in talented actor Neil Nitin Mukesh. Or so it seems from what our writer, a Guju herself, told us. She met the talented, down-to-earth actor at a press meet for his next film, Players. When she handed over her visiting card to Neil, the first thing he noticed was her surname and did his chance pe dance to show off his multilingual skills. Immediately the Punjabi lad started rattling in Gujarati, leaving our writer and everyone around pleasantly wondering what was going on. Now showing off French or Spanish speaking skills would be quite cool and perhaps more acceptable, but Gujarati of all the languages at that moment in time was rather unexpected. And that’s when Neil smilingly revealed, “My maternal grandmom was a Gujarati so I can fluently speak in the language.” After a short pause he added, “Actually, I am three-fourth of a Gujarati!” Now here’s one lad to loves to show off his love for the land of dhoklas and theplas. Isn’t it cute! At least our writer thinks so. However, as a stickler of true factual representation, she immediately corrected him about the ratio of the Guju genes in his blood. She told him that he was only one-fourth Gujarati, but Neil just refused to agree with her. Next thing you know, they got into a silly argument over percentages. Eventually, a couple of minutes later, they reached the conclusion that because of his love for his granny he insists on being half Gujarati! Whatever makes him happy, but we know this will make a lot of Guju gals go ga-ga over the dashing singleton…just like our writer did!