Neil Nitin Mukesh wanted to be a part of Ranbir’s coterie

The Johnny Gaddar debutant reveals the Rockstar actor was one of his friends while growing up

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Ranbir Kapoor may be in different leagues as actors, but both started out in Bollywood around the same time. While they may not consider each other rivals, we sense a streak of competition, perhaps a healthy one, right from their childhood days. Recently, on India’s Most Desirables, Simi Garewal asked the Johnny Gaddar actor who his close friends back in school and college were. Neil revealed, “You know the Mukesh family and the Kapoor family is one – in fact Ranbir and I were in together in college also. Also, Arya Babbar, Mimoh – Mithun Da’s son, quite a few of us. Ranbir is a mad fellow. He and I were in college together and I never saw him attending one lecture. Never! I think Ranbir had his own college going on outside HR college – there was this entire class and he was the principal and the teacher. It’s a fact. I so wanted to be a part of his small school.” See we told you.

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