Neil Nitin Mukesh wants to get into film production

However the Players lad insists money isn’t the reason he is joining the increasing tribe of actor-producers that includes A-list stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan

During a recent tete-a-tete with the Johnny Gaddar actor we found out that the actor isn’t exactly being flanked by offers. Though he is not exactly discontented with this, he feels there is a lot more he can do as an actor. The 29-year-old replies, “I want to start my production so that I can do films which I believe in and the kind of films I want to watch.” Since he doesn’t enjoy being part of films that he isn’t convinced about, Neil has been spending time writing scripts. He already has two scripts ready. One is called Paidar – a romantic thriller, but Neil isn’t willing to divulge anything more about it. However, the Players actor will start production work only after he wraps up his acting assignments. “But trust me, I am not into it for the money making aspect which it has now become, it’s for the creative satisfaction. I don’t understand the box office,” says Neil and continues, “A lot of times we sit and wish that we should do this and that. So here is my opportunity to do things that I have dreamt of doing. I believe that if your heart says ‘do something’ then you should do it. If I put Rs 10 crores in a film and get back those Rs 10 crores then I will be happy. At least, it will give me an opportunity to make the kind of films I believe in.”