Newbies find inspiration in Deepika Padukone’s acting and Shahrukh Khan’s dimples!

If you’re wondering what we are talking about, read on to discover how SRKs dimples are inspiring newcomers in Bollywood…

We have seen how some films have inspired various Bollywood actors. But it looks like the aspiring actors of B-town have different parameters altogether. New comer Preet Kamal, who will be making her Bollywood debut with national award winning director Nila Madhab Panda’s Babloo Happy Hai, recently said that her dimples are only second to Shahrukh Khan‘s dimples. We couldn’t agree more… hai na?

On the other hand, another debutante Anaika Soti, who entered Bollywood recently with Satya 2 idolises Deepika Padukone‘s acting. Why not, after all Deepika is the flavour of the season.

While we appreciate how these new comers look up to their seniors as a role model, but don’t you think that this could also be a formula to be in the news by using the names of Bollywood biggies like Shahrukh and Deepika? Wink!