Posted Fri, December 28, 2012 9:30am IST

From scandalous fights to rip-roaring comebacks, B-town has had an eventful 2012. We take a look at actors who created more than just a mere dhamaka over the year 

It’s always great fun reviewing the happenings of the past year as we bid goodbye to it. And while doing so this time, we realised that though certain stories still have the potential to give us the uncontrollable giggles, there are also events that make us heave a sigh of happy relief.

It’s the same funda, you know, when you feel that sudden surge to clean up the clutter in your closet to mark the beginning of the New Year and discard things that are of no use. And in just the very same way we only intend to remember Bollywood news that has left a strong impact in not just our minds, but the whole nation’s collective psyche. And when we say Bollywood has had an eventful year, we really mean it, ‘coz as always it gave us that tiny glimmer of hope that small films could stand their ground with big ones, good actors can co-exist with the average, and talented filmmakers can outdo the more mediocre…

Photos: Yogen Shah