Nicole Kidman to do a Bollywood item number for just Rs 5 crore?

The Hollywood star might have another connection with B-town after Moulin Rouge!

It is not just Tom Cruise who has an India connection now (thanks to MI4). His ex-wife and Hollywood star Nicole Kidman is apparently a part of an upcoming Bollywood project directed by Rumi Jaffery. Reportedly, the Australia star has been approached by Jaffery to do a desi item number in his forthcoming film Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai. Bollywood is not new to Nicole. In her film Moulin Rouge, Anu Malik’s item song Chamma Chamma from China Gate had been used by director Baz Luhrmann with full credits. Kidman had also appeared in an ad with RA.One hottie Arjun Rampal and Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali. Looks like the actor is all set to give competition to Sheila and Munni! But that is, if she accepts the offer. We heard that the Academy Award-winning actor has demanded Rs 5 crore for the song. Buzz is that earlier singing sensation Shakira had been approached for the item number, but due to some monetary issues (read hefty fee), it didn’t work out. But if Kidman’s demands are met by the producers of the film, this movie will at least garner some interest in the trade! But the question is, is Rs 5 crore too less for the Oscar-winner? Definitely, if Shakira had asked for more than that!