No ‘item numbers’ for Asin

Unlike other glam gals, Salman’s Ready co-star comes across as someone who won’t be doing ‘anything’ for films. The actor has her own set of rules

Most of her contemporaries would jump to get themselves an ‘item gal’ title, like a Munni, Sheila or Jalebi bai, but Asin, who prefers not to follow the crowd, doesn’t want one. Recently, when we asked the 25-year-old actor if she would do an item song she said, “Aah…I don’t think so.” Though she loves dancing, she told us, “I totally enjoy the song and dance routine, but I wouldn’t probably call it an ‘item number’. If I get a good song and if it’s a special appearance or something like that, then maybe I would consider it. But not probably an item number in the sense of the word.” What Asin actually means is that she will not come onscreen in teeny-weeny polka-dotted ghaghra-choli and shake her booty to woo her audience. And she also clarifies a story that has been doing the rounds: the Southern actor won’t be donning a bikini in Sajid Khan’s Housefull 2. Apparently she downright refused to wear a two-piece, leaving the producer and director with no choice but to agree. Now that Ready has done phenomenal business, Asin can afford to throw her weight around, no?