No controversy for Sonam Kapoor

Her ‘middle finger’ act in Players did create a controversy but that is not how Sonam likes it

Sonam Kapoor has quite a few controversies to her credit but it seems that she has grown out of that phase. The ‘Masakkali’ girl needs a hit to stay in the news, especially after the debacle of her last film, Mausam. But it seems like she doesn’t wish to do so, by getting into a controversy. In a recent interview, Sonam said, “I think when you consciously don’t create any controversy, there would never be any. When you are confident and secure about yourself, you don’t get into that space where you have to worry about what the other person is doing.” It is good to see Sonam’s new-found confidence, but yes, we do enjoy it more, when she is in the middle of a controversy!