No one killed Himesh

He is back and this time he will be seen in a foreign film in a so-called ‘important role’. You can run, but you can’t hide from Himesh!

If you were feeling smug that Himesh Reshammiya’s acting career was killed for good with his last disaster, Pooja Bhatt’s epic romance Kajraare, it’s time for you to panic. Himesh is back; and this time he has upped the ante. He has stepped into Hollywood and is essaying an important role in French director Christopher Lenoir’s A Star is Killed. The film seems to be based on pop icon Michael Jackson’s death and the trailer looks does promising. It is only when you see Himesh in the film that you squirm, cringe or scratch your eyes out, depending on the degree of your dislike of him. Gulshan Grover and Irrfan Khan have been the only Indian actors with comparatively successful outings in Hollywood, but after Himesh unleashes himself there, the rest of Bollywood will definitely want to try their hand at the international scene, we know. But for now, it’s Himesh who has us stunned; he was heard saying that he would only compose music and sing for the films where he is playing the lead. Apparently he had also turned down an offer to sing, this one from mega-famous music director AR Rahman. The universe has its way of catching up with you Mr Reshammiya… from saying no to Rahman to doing a so-called ‘important’ role in a foreign film where the world doesn’t revolve around you and you don’t get to romance pretty young girls… how about a nibble of humble pie, Sir?