No one to receive Pran’s Dadasaheb Phalke award

No one to receive Pran’s Dadasaheb Phalke award

The veteran actor could not make it to the 60th National Film Awards ceremony due to health reasons

Legendary actor Pran could not make it to the 60th National Film Awards ceremony on Friday to receive the Dadasaheb Phalke Award due to health reasons. However, no one from the veteran actor‘s family was present either to receive the award on behalf of the 93-year-old.

Pran, who acted in over 400 movies in a career spanning over six decades and played a vast range of roles – from a hero to a villain to a character artist, was named for the highest civilian award in the field of cinema.

Pran became a symbol of villainy after his portrayals of a bad guy in a series of films including hits like Madhumati, Ziddi and Ram Aur Shyam. If he played a villain to the hilt, he was equally good when he stepped into character roles and won many hearts as loveable Malang Chacha in Upkar, thoroughly entertained as street-smart fraud in Victoria No.203, and epitomised on-screen friendship in the role of a rough but kind Pathan in Zanjeer.Subscribe to me on YouTube



    The reporters need to get the facts correct. The award is not given to anyone except the recipient, according to the rules. Also 10 members of Pran saab’s family attended the event and were interviewed by DD.
    Pinky Bhalla-Pran saab’s daughter

  • mohan jondhle

    pran uncle ji aap na aachay actor ho aur aap ka jo pathan wala style haina zanjeer movie main mujhe na bahut aach lag tha hain…….aur song bhi yare hain emaan mere zindagi…….par na mujhe bhi actor bane ka bahut shouk hain pan kya karu….. mujhe bollywood main koi nhi pehchantha…..
    and im big fan of katrina kaif………..!!!!
    once i want 2 meet her my favrot actress katrina kaif…..!!!
    my aim iz to meet her thatz it……..?