No ‘Raksha Bandhan’ for Rakhi Sawant!

Thu, August 2, 2012 12:19pm IST by
No ‘Raksha Bandhan’ for Rakhi Sawant!

Controversy’s favourite child stopped celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan three years back. And, we are confident you are curious to know why

There was a time when Rakhi Sawant would celebrate Raksha Bandhan with tremendous joy. The motor-mouth Sawant would tie Rakhi to her lesser known brother Rakesh every year. But it was in 2009 that Rakhi decided to stop the ritual of tying a Rakhi to anyone. “I don’t celebrate Raksha Bandhan. I don’t have a brother, sister, mother or father. Whatever I am today is because of my hard work and nothing else. Nobody has been instrumental in my success,” said Rakhi in an interview to a daily.

The item queen, we hear, has severed all ties with brother Rakesh now. “Blood is thicker than water. I hope Rakhi soon realises that her family will always support her unconditionally,”urged Rakhi’s estranged brother Rakesh in his interview to a daily. But it’s not just the cold vibes the brother and sister share that stopped Rakhi from being part of the joyous festival. A little birdie tells us that ever since Rakhi converted to Christianity, she stopped believing in all Hindu rituals, even in Raksha Bandhan. But Rakhi celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with much reverence and aplomb every year. So we don’t think her conversion from Hinduism to Christianity is the reason behind Babe’s aloofness from Raksha Bandhan.

We hope this Raksha Bandhan will see Rakhi change her mind and give a sweet little surprise to her brother by tying a beautiful Rakhi on his wrist!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Carlos

    my_dog_jagat / Think about a 15 yr old girl tying a rakhi on her 4 yr old brother, and being told by her gftdnraaher that this means her 4 year old brother will protect her now simply by virtue of being the male.Only the insane can think that way please for most people it’s just an excuse to be happy and have fun, some pocket money for the sister reading too much into this is futile. Jeez Well, then I must be insane because that is exactly how I have thought. And when I was 4, I couldn’t articulate as well and so it was all these tantrums. Things like rakhi and all were all part of a larger understanding. Boys would go to school the good expensive one, girls would go to the local one. There are many many examples of all this in Indian culture. You all know what they are so I won’t elaborate.