No Saas Bina Sasuraal for Aishwarya Sakhuja

The pretty lady is quite clear that she would love to have a mother-in-law in real life

Tanya aka Toasty may not mind that hers is a saas bina sasuraal, but ask Aishwarya Sakhuja if she is fine with that in real life too and she reveals that she is definitely not. Aishwarya, who plays Toasty in the Sony show, admits that she may not always be able to plan her life, but one thing she is clear about is that she wants a mother-in-law. “I would make sure of that. My mother is no more and not having a mother-in-law to fill that void will make it really worse. It would kill me,” she says candidly. Wethink her future mother-in-law is one lucky lady – especially since Aishwarya loves wearing the saris on Saas Bina Sasuraal as much as she loved the western wear on “I wear some really fabulous saris on the show. I think they are lovely for Indian women’s body structure. I am more comfortable in western wear, but after wearing saris for 12 hours a day for the past nine months, I am used to that too.” Glad to hear that, ’cause we really love you in those saris!