Now, ‘Dirty’ Vidya Balan has her own ‘Secret’

The Dirty Picture actor might just land her first endorsement deal with an international lingerie line

Vidya Balan’s detractors might be thinking she is going overboard with her saucy acts to promote her new film The Dirty Picture, but those very moves may prove to be very profitable for the actor. Buzz is that Vidya is being considered by an international lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret, to endorse their product line in India. The brand’s managers feel she has just the right figure for their target audience in the country. We agree! Most Indian women are curvaceous like Vidya and so seeing anorexic girls in lingerie ads might not really make them want to buy pretty scanties. The people at Victoria’s Secret were apparently so impressed with Vidya that they played the chartbusting song Ooh la la from The Dirty Picture at one of their recent ramp shows aired on television. And now they want her to be their brand ambassador. A source revealed to a newspaper, “The campaign is at an ideating stage… But yes, there is a chance she might become the first model for the line that is aimed exclusively at Indian women….” Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Motion Pictures are also aware of the brand’s “sudden interest” in their film and its star. Looks like Vidya has a long way to go from here. The Dirty Picture is turning out to be a goldmine for her even before it has released! Are we hearing requests for a sequel already?


THE DIRTY PICTURE song: Ooh la la