OMG! Oh My God song Go go Govinda holds a contest between burning coal and water fountain

Sounds bizarre, right? But that’s the song on which Prabhu Deva and Sonakshi Sinha matched steps

When we heard the song Go go Govinda from Akshay Kumar-Sonakshi Sinha starrer OMG! Oh My God we liked it. Why, it has a fast paced rhythm with all beats in place, no? But have a look at its angrezi translation and we’re sure it won’t make too much sense to you. Sigh! Still, we managed to tap the competitive spirit that the song portrayed. So go ahead, and get your comparisons right!

Atke matke jhatke maare hai

Stranded pots jerks (we) are hitting (Whatever does that mean!)

Tu aaj shola toh hum bhi fuwaare hain

You today burning coals then we also water fountain are (How, er, smart!)

Tu asmaan pe toh chaand taare hain hum

You on sky then moon stars are we (now that’s competitive, no?)

Chaahe dum nikle yeh dum

Wanting life force leaving this life force (that’s suicidal!)

Hai kasam teri kasam

Is swear your swear (Eh?)

Tujhe aaj chhodenge naa hum

You today leaving not us (Now that’s a threat. BHAAGO! Run!)

Go go go Govinda

Ahem ahem. Actor Govinda wouldn’t really like listening to that, no?


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