Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara song Yeh tune kya kiya: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan get soppy!

Akki falls in love with Sona, who in turn is attracted to Imran

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again, now renamed Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara, is a love triangle and the song Yeh tune kya kiya shows the unfolding of these love stories. While Akshay Kumar is attracted to Sonakshi Sinha and follows her, Sonakshi seems to have her eyes set on Imran Khan, who slowly and steady falls for her. Nothing new about it, right?

Well there is! It’s the colourful vest Imran is wearing in the scenes in trying to make a mawaali style statement. Let’s hope he’s not sporting the same one throughout the film!

This qawwali, composed by Pritam, is a mushy and soppy composition. Javed Bashir brings great energy to the song though, and so do the chorus portions.

Check out the video and tell us if you like this track.

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