One By Two movie review: Even Abhay Deol fans should stay away from this one!

The dimpled actor and his real-life girlfriend Preeti Desai’s first film together has just released. And those who expect some reel-life chemistry should avoid it if at all possible…

One By Two is Devika Bhagat’s debut as a director and Abhay Deol’s debut as a producer. All these firsts put together deliver a mess. Incurable romantics should certainly not watch One By Two, ‘coz they will be in for an unpleasant surprise – it has very little romance or comedy in it. Deol’s fans should choose his previous films instead, at least to admire his dimples, ‘coz after this one all the love ‘n’ lust that you may feel for the hunk are likely to disappear. As for Preeti Desai – she’s tall n’ sexy, no doubt she’s eye candy. But even her seductive act can’t save One By Two.

Abhay Deol (Amit Sharma) plays a boring, perfect, office-going wage-slave. Preeti Desai (Samara Patel) is an aspiring dancer who is being raised by her rich, single mother (Lillette Dubey). The movie begins with two scenes playing in parallel – Abhay with his friends and Preeti with hers. The two even pass each other, taking no notice of one another, of course. The filmmakers aim to connect the two stories by showing how despite being strangers, Abhay and Preeti are destined to be together. At the beginning of the film Abhay finds his girlfriend Geetika Tyagi (Radhika) making out with someone else, which is followed by their break-up. AD is left heartbroken by the love of his life. Meanwhile, Preeti is seen sharing a bed with a guy who wants no strings attached. Of course, she too parts ways with her boyfriend and dances to Kaboom as she walks down the streets. She’s so lost in the song and in reading a hoarding about a dance reality show (Dance Wars) that she is almost run over by motorbike. The rider is Abhay, who is left with a broken arm, as well as a broken heart. But Preeti doesn’t notice him and goes her own way.

Meanwhile, the hero’s Punjabi mom wants him to get married and asks him to go out with a new girl, Shishika. Again, we see two parallel scenes – Abhay (to Shishika) and Preeti (to her best friend) are trying to explain the meaning of ‘one by two’ (soup). Deep, deep philosophy….so boring! Preeti, using her good luck charm, enters Dance Wars. Can she dance? NO! But somehow her seductive moves impress the judges. If only such things happened in real life, no? PD should’ve been an aspiring model in the film – maybe she could’ve done justice to that role.

Meanwhile, Abhay wants Radhika back in his life. Coincidentally, she left Abhay for the producer of Dance Wars. So Abhay wants the producer out of the show so that Radhika will come back to him. He conspires to get this done and managed to do it, but cannot win back his girl. Because of Abhay, Preety is eliminated from the show. There’s also a mystery man called Mahtani whom Preeti emails often. What their relationship could be, is predictable. Halfway through the movie, Abhay and Preeti still haven’t shared screen space. Watching them on parallel screens, they should eventually be together, but do they ever connect?

Did Devika Bhagat, who wrote the screenplay for films like Aisha and Ladies vs Ricky Bahl actually write One By Two? Shocking! And how could Abhay, who has a huge female fan following, do a role like this one! Nobody who has experienced his charm on or off screen would accept him as a ‘pakaod’ character. Preeti Desai is an amazing model – when she sashays onscreen, she grabs eyeballs. But she certainly doesn’t have a strong screen presence as an actor. If you expect to watch Preeti and Abhay’s chemistry, there’s none at all, mainly because they never interact. So often during the film, scenes seem disconnected. And even if you do make the mistake of buying a ticket for this one, you cannot just sit back and enjoy your popcorn, because Abhay keeps farting throughout the film. Eww! Those who love Abhay and his films will hate to see him play such a loser, and not even convincingly at that. The comic timing in the film is pathetic and so are the dialogues. Abhay has been compared to a potato – if you find out why, you will likely never laugh again. Preeti plays an aspiring dancer, but needs dancing lessons desperately!

It is not all bad. The music of One By Two is fresh, contemporary and pleasant, be it energetic numbers like I’m just pakaoed and Kaboom or the slow Baat kya hain. Abhay Deol is cute. Preeti Desai is hot. Hmmm… Sorry, we can’t think of any other reasons to watch the film.

Rating: 1 out of 51 Star Rating

Reviewed by Bhagyashr​i Pawar

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