Oprah Winfrey is in India! So what’s the big deal?

Oprah Winfrey is in India! So what’s the big deal?

She drapes a sari, visits the Bachchans and meets slumdwellers, but why all this fuss?

A lot of hullabaloo is being made about Oprah Winfrey’s visit to India, but just stop and think for a moment and you too will ask, “So what?” True, Oprah revolutionised American television viewing habits, became the first African-American woman to host a chat show and addressed issues that were till then considered taboo through The Oprah Winfrey Show. Forbes even gave her the top spot on their Power Celebrity 100 list, but that was seven years ago. Since then, it hasn’t been all roses for Oprah. The same magazine reported that she has been struggling to draw her devoted fans to her own channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN.

When she ended The Oprah Winfrey Show after 25 long seasons, she claimed she would be glad to stay behind the camera for OWN. However, when OWN’s ratings continued to dip, Oprah was forced to start airing old episodes of her signature show. That didn’t work and Oprah returned to face the camera for Next Chapter, a chat show in which she travels the world to interview celebrities. It is for this that she has come to India. She wore a sari and met slumdwellers for content that she would use to increase her channel’s ratings. And, after all the good things she has to say about the Bachchans’ hospitality, you can be sure they will feature on her chat show. Now we know the Bachchans will benefit and so will Oprah, but who else? So we ask again, what’s the big deal? It’s not even as if she’s going to open a school here, the way she did in South Africa. So why are we creating so much fuss over her visit? Oprah is quickly moving from TV queen to has-been, but that doesn’t deter fame-seeking Bollywood celebrities who otherwise shun colleagues after even one flop film from milling about her at a party. After the hoo-ha, they can talk about Oprah, Oprah can talk about them. Everyone goes home happy. That’s the way of the world.

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  • Titanica

    Your article sounds so bitter and jealous, what weren’t you invited to the exclusive party?

    • Condence

      Looks like you are after some press time and slamming Oprah and all her accomplishments is how you try to get noticed. You are looking for a reaction and you will get one but its not for anything brilliant you wrote. Anyone can slam someone and in today’s culture that is unfortunately what gets noticed but to be original and write something of value that is the true test. What meaning accomplishments have your brought to the world?

  • Terv

    The big deal about oprah is that she’s the richest and most philanthropic African American of all time and ranked by Time magazine as the most influential woman of all time for revolutionizing American culture and putting a black man in the white house. It’s true that her network isn’t doing as well as her talk show, but her talk show was the most successful talk show of all time. nothing is doing as well as her talk show. And just the fact that oprah has an entire network is history making and the network just got it’s highest ratings ever now that oprah has started appearing on it.

  • farhan

    Why don’t you stick to writing about the things you know.We get it.You don’t know Oprah.That’s alright.All hope is not lost.There is help for you.Its called Google.Use it.And come back educated.

  • Shyam

    So Oprah is visiting a slum. How can you visit India and not drag the slum inot the forefront,huh? After all , India is all about slums isn’t it?? At least that’s the mindset in the west, and we have to satisfy the mindset with cinema-wide images of slums. I hope Oprah visits GIFT in Gujarat, and our several other mega-projects that showcases how we lead, and not follow, the world.
    And incidentally, India does not have a monopoly on slums, as shocking as that may be to some ill-informed folks.

  • Cj Richards

    Very negative individual wrote this piece… and def jealous of Oprah…

    If this person has not noticed she is head of a network, a billionaire, owns one of the major womens mags in America, and has recently been succesful in bringing up the ratings on her network….

    Man/woman whoever you are focus on your own internal love.

  • Riya

    Well I agree she is all that and maybe much more but what’s the idea behind coming to Mumbai and why the hell is the media so crazy?

  • Zainab

    Oprah is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart.. thats whats the big deal. I suggest you keep any bitter opinions about oprah to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Yes Bollywood gives so much importance to Hollywood celebs like Srk throwing parties for Lady Gaga and stuff, but this is Oprah. It is a big deal.

  • Neha

    What a hateful article. You will never achieve up to what her right toe has.

  • aalya

    thats nice the bacchans wont even post a picture of abhishek’s baby for their fans yet show the baby to oprah cos she is a billionaire.

    • something

      Agreed. the fans gave them fortune, celebrity and Oprah. hypocrites, all

  • Yolanda

    Jaipur, Delhi, Rishikesh and Agra are hot UFO sighting areas. this is the true reason she is going to witness for herself.

  • leni

    If u ask what’s the big deal about Oprah Winfrey,..gosh, you shouldn’t even be a writer for any form of media. Clearly, you don’t know what she has done for television (be it American or all over the world) and her philanthropic work!! you are such a loser!!! it’s pretty clear that you want to write such hateful article, just to drag the Bachchans names! You want to particularly thrash one particular Bachchan! All you ever write is anything hateful…GET A LIFE, BOLLYWOOD LIFE!!!

    • leni

      and didnt hear you critisize this much when Tom CRuise visited and the media went gugugaga. oohhh yea,,,,it was about Anil Kapoor..not the Bachchans!!

      • Andy

        I know. The media is the one making a big deal out of it. When Tom Cruise and Lady Gaga they never complained about how much attention was given to them. I hate BL they are so biased and unfair. They allow just about anyone to post anything.

  • piya

    she is one of the nicest and most powerful women in this whole wide world that’s what the big deal about her.i bet whoever wrote this would not even dare to stand near her and think about this in his/her mind let alone talk about it. who allows such articles?

  • Bruna

    Well , it’s right that she has come only for her show here and then she will go to some other nation, but still what is wrong in that ? After all, the issues which she brings in her show are very good and if her comeback is successful then World will come to know about more hidden realities , she is just socializing and not planning to plant a bomb in India .