Posted Fri, December 2, 2011 1:57pm IST

No crinkle along the eye-line or wrinkle on the face is visible when the 30-plus Vidya Balan flashes a wicked wink or a seductive smile. Of course there are bulges she needs to worry about, but what happened to the more obvious signs of age? Leading ladies who are fairly…err…mature are no longer a forbidden lot, but how do they manage to look as ravishing as their younger contemporaries? We wonder….

Is it the side-effects of romance or the magic of foundation makeup and anti-ageing creams? Or is it an expensive return gift from a cosmetologist in India or abroad? We may never know the truth, but what we do know is there are quite a few over-30 beauties in B-town who surprise us with their glow and shine even after crossing that age of no return.

Photos: Yogen Shah