PAAN SINGH TOMAR movie review: Irrfan Khan is the winner all the way

PAAN SINGH TOMAR movie review: Irrfan Khan is the winner all the way

Tigmanshu Dhulia, his cast and crew deserve a standing ovation as they yet again, make it to the finishing line with a flourish

Once in a while we see a Bollywood film which is true to its soul, which not only manages to keep you entertained but also carries a message. This year, the first film to do so is director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Paan Singh Tomar. It tells the real life story of Paan Singh Tomar (Irrfan Khan), his meteoric rise as an athlete and his subsequent descent into the ravines of Chambal as just another name in the list of dacoits killed in police encounters.

Paan Singh is a national steeple chase champion. Unfortunately, he has to go through an acid test which none of us can imagine. He now has to jump the hurdles life sets in front of him, he is a man with immense self-respect who has to justify his acts of crime to redeem his soul, a proud father who cannot embrace his son because it might mar his image, a loving husband who is unable to spend some time with his wife because he fears for his life. Paan Singh is a friend you can count on.

Probably one of the most complex characters written in Hindi cinema, Paan Singh Tomar, played marvelously by Irrfan Khan, will surely be remembered for generations to come. Irrfan shines through as an athlete, as a soldier who wants to give up his life for his country, as a troubled man fighting for his grabbed land, as the man of the house who loves his family to death, as a feared dacoit who chooses to be addressed as a rebel (as according to him, dacoits are in the parliament), as a wronged citizen who didn’t get justice when he wanted it the most. He gives a powerpacked performance, once again.

Among the others in the film, Brajendra Kala as the reporter, Rajendra Gupta as the coach, Vipin Sharma as Major Masand and Mahie Gill as Paan Singh’s wife, make their presence felt through their strong supporting performances. The production designers have taken great pains to recreate an era where dacoits and kidnappers were common. After Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster, Tigmanshu Dhulia has once again upped the high standards he sets for himself. Though Paan Singh Tomar has been lying in the cans for a few years now, it has a timeless aura to it; something in the league of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara, Anurag Kashyap’s Gulaal and Ramesh Sippy’s Sholay. Book your tickets now.

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  • svs

    4 day ago happy holi

    • ak

      great movie.
      the contribution of a national athlete gone waste.He was became a baggi.
      Whose fault is this ?
      Who will take the responsibility ?
      Its shows the real india situation, i should not blame any body, it is my anger .
      Sorry but its true….

  • s

    happy holi

  • Amrita Mandal

    Brilliant performance by Irfan Khan..and a must watch movie but watching a movie should not be just for the sake of watching it but we should know the reality of our nation and think thrice before electing such persons and giving them a seat in any important position.
    And for this each and every civilian has to play an important role to eradicate dirty politics from
    our nation.Prove YOURSELF, prove our NATION.

  • ashok kumar vaid

    Tigmansu dhulia sir I like your paan singh tomar.I belong to roorkee and i also worked in this film as a cedet of Irfan if u have any film so please give me a chance. my mob no is 09863964218. and my elder brother wants to sell his history. ok sir and best of luck for your next film valmiki ki bandook. I m also belong to valmiki comunity.

  • priyanka

    Hats off to Tigmanshu Dhulia and Irrfan for making this movie. I was tired of the same old type of themes being repeated again and again. It was refreshing to watch the real story of the rise and fall of a national level athlete. The fact that it did so well in the box office is also an indication that not only masala movies but good movies like this can also do well.

    It was the birthday of one of our friend and we all went to Wave Cinemas to watch it. We all had a good treat. Loved the experience.

  • raju

    what a movi gr8 .

  • Manona

    Well written and well ientnded article. There were many such examples in Tamil industry, when a film is completely written off and it went on to become monumental hit. Annakkili(75),MalayoorMambattiyan(83),Sethu(99) Subhramanyapuram,Myna,Mounaguru recent times.Malayur Mambattiyan, which was later remade in Hindi as Gangvaa with Rajinikanth, Shabana comes very close to Paan Singh, but its reach was far wide. It was released with less than ten prints. but later ran for more than 200 days in several centres.First and foremost thing researchers should bear in mind is the fact that audiences are not mere numbers.They are thinking humans.Even when geniuses like Freud and Jung have failed to fathom the elusive human psyche, do you think our uneducated trade pundits could know it? But Paan is a real surprise. Probably, the generation that has some love for rebels like Che, may be taking a liking for this film on a real rebel. Anyhow its good news for good cinema lovers

  • Pankaj

    Paan singh tomar is a super hit & the best movie till now. It is diesarve for oscer award. Irfan khan is the best actor. Ret..- 5/5

  • Ashish Singh

    No Doubt, Irfan Khan is an Original Actor All Time. We were Just entertain of the film of shahrukh and salman but we have learn lots of Lesson from irfan khan Movie Just Like Paan SIngh Tomar, Knock Out, Maqbool, Hats off the Director of these Film.

    The Great Irfan Khan…. Ever..

  • suman

    He is a Best Actor of India.King of Irfan khan.Boss Ap ko Salam.Jobab ko jobab dego.