Pakistani film Zinda Bhaag starring Naseeruddin Shah competes at Oscars

Zinda Bhaag is the first Pakistani film which has been sent to the Oscars in over five decades. But the question is – how far will it go?

Zinda Bhaag starring Bollywood veteran Naseeruddin Shah is Pakistan’s official entry to the Oscars in the Foreign Language Film Award category. Set in the backdrop of Lahore, the film which is directed Farjad Nabi and Meenu Gaur is a comedy. We hear the makers were overwhelmed as they did not expect their film Zinda Bhaag would be considered for the Academy Awards. The Naseeruddin Shah starrer won four international awards at International South Asian Film Festival in Canada. Coming to the story, Bhaag Zinda revolves around three men and how they succeed to escape from their everyday reality.

Director Farjab Nabi believes that his film reflects true story of Pakistan’s youngsters. But what remains to be seen is – will Zinda Bhaag stand out at the 86th Academy Awards? We will have to wait and watch!