Pakistani team in Mumbai for 26/11 attack probe watches ‘Kahaani’

Pakistani team in Mumbai for 26/11 attack probe watches ‘Kahaani’

The Vidya Balan film, which has been declared a superhit, found some unlikely viewers from across the border

The Pakistani judicial commission team, currently in India to examine witnesses in the 26/11 terrorist attack investigation, decided to explore Bollywood during their stay in Mumbai. The delegation was keen to catch Agent Vinod, but since there’s still time for that film to release, they decided to watch the Vidya Balan starrer suspense thriller Kahaani after hearing of the great reviews it has been getting.Even as Kahaani found some unlikely viewers from across the border, it has been raking in big moolah at the box office and has been declared a superhit. The movie opened well and has gone on to show a rock-steady performance at the box office in its second week. It saw a jump on Saturday, collecting around Rs 3.75 crore nett. Kahaani has gone on to make Rs 40 crore in just two weeks since its release. In Mumbai, the film is slated to beat the second week records of productions like BodyguardRA.OneRockstar and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. In single screen territories like Bihar and Rajasthan, the Vidya Balan-starrer has done only average business.

The lifetime distributor share in Mumbai for Kahaani is Rs 9 crore and beats the collection of bigger films like Ready (2.50 crore) and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2.15 crore) already. The onslaught of Kahaani completely overshadowed Chaar Din Ki Chandni, which released on the same day.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Neha

    Grt movie

  • lobo

    LOL , Yakuza your answers are as ieltleignnt (or dumb depending on which way you see it) as Amitabh movies of the 80 s.Really, you expect me to buy that a man hiding successfully from IB for 2 years comes out of hiding because some pregnant girl is looking for her husband and has some documents on his boss? I mean really? Are IB people so dumb? Becausethe vilians certainly seem so.Rajeev, Not true.. I did not find so many potholes with thrillers like A Wednesday, Johnny Gadar, ETT etc. Please let me know if you have such issues with these movies.Shalu, 100% agree with you. The strength of Kahaani is also it’s weakness. It’s complexity. As a result while it initially leaves the audience liking/loving it, but for people who enjoy thrillers and dissect them, it has been found wanting.