Pankaj Kapur wants son Shahid Kapoor to get married!

Pankaj Kapur wants son Shahid Kapoor to get married!

Now that Shahid Kapoor has made a name for himself in Bollywood, the actor’s proud father, actor Pankaj Kapur wants Sasha to find a nice girl for himself and settle down at the earliest

“I want to see him married. But it’s his choice. He will decide who to marry and then come to me and say ‘Here is the girl I want to marry’. As a father, I will make the arrangements and participate. As he is established, it is his prerogative. It’s my duty to stand by him.”

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  • Mrs Kapur

    Wonder hu dat dream gal is?

  • beblin

    I wanna be that lucky girl___________

  • kamna

    Plz gt marred soon we r wtng 2 c u with ur dream gal____:)

  • geet_12

    For sure she would be the luckiest girl on this earth to hav shahid his husband

  • page

    Definitely he will be nice husband.

  • C.A

    Best of luck shahid. We love to see who she is.

  • Michael bhardwaj

    I wanna be that lucky girl

  • Charmy

    I wanna marry him…… :-( i cant c him vit ny other girl :’(