Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas to finally make love in Jodha Akbar

Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas to finally make love in Jodha Akbar

The love story is taking a U turn between the emperor and the queen

Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbar (Rajat Tokas) have realised their love for each other but not yet said anything. Their unconditional love is now being put to test and Maham Anga (Ashwini Kalsekar) is at the helm of things. She has led the emperor to believe that Jodha is having an affair with another man and is secretly meeting him post midnight.

Akbar desperately wants to confront Jodha, but Maham Anga’s words blind him and he punishes his wife without knowing the whole truth. Akbar expels Jodha from the Mughal kingdom and asks her to go back home to Amer. She will leave the palace but will remain in the forest near the palace. When Akbar realises his grave mistake and rushes to apologise to his wife. He beg Jodha to forgive him for not trusting her. The two love birds unite and decide to consummate their marriage at last.

They confess their love for each other for the first time and decide that hence forth no one will ever be able to separate them. The makers plan to shoot a lip-lock scene between Jodha and Akbar, while the rest of the consummation scene will not be shown onscreen.

The lovers will finally unite in body and soul. We are eagerly waiting to see Jodha-Akbar come together, aren’t you?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • hiral bhayani

    I wait and watch jodha akber lovevstory

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Better watch Hrithik n Aishwarya’s Jodha Akbar, much more sensible than these dramatized illogical serials.

    • savita

      hritik n aishwarya picture me over acting hai or serial me real feeling so serial is best

      sanjay kumar

  • shweta

    bahut achhe lag rahe hai dono sath mein

  • Love JA

    I love this serial. However as a devoted fan I hope there is more romance in this penultimate scene than is described above. Fans have been waiting for months and months for this ‘real’ romance to make the ‘reel’. Ekta and Shanta can do much better.

  • Moumita Rakshit

    Paridhi sharma is best for jodha’s charecter.

  • vinkal

    thank god at last Akbar come to know the truth and mahamanga’s devil face come infront her devil work results a more bonding in love of jodha and akbar

  • Alie

    I thik paridhi is to good to do jodha’s charecter….the show is gonna be very intersting waiting to wacth it

  • anuja

    Nice work by lovely couple. Definitely best thn aishwaryas movie.

  • Zeno

    Leave it to imagination and artistry ,romance yes but not cheap sex on tv,we don’t want to watch porn on TV. A kiss is enough…get ur kicks elsewhere,

  • archana

    me gods se yahi pare arugi ki jidha aur akhawar kahi bhi juda na ho .

  • sugandha pradhan

    You both looking so cute in Jodha Akbar

  • icha sharma tokas

    I very very very like jodha akbar n i will wait jodha n akbar come mu country in indonesia