Parineeti Chopra is not dating Uday Chopra!

At least that’s what Mr Chopra says on his microblogging site

Recently alert birdies have reportedly spotted the two Chopras – Parineeti and Uday – together on various occasions, the most recent being dinner at a swanky restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai. And seeing the two spending so much time with each other has raised eyebrows a notch higher.

On digging deeper for an explanation we heard Pari dearest saying that Uday was just her mentor. Ahem ahem. But we’re glad that the Chopra girl didn’t refer to him as the clichéd ‘good friend’.

Anyway. While the Chopras thought that they had cleared the air around their equation, certain fans, well-wishers and nosy birdies just refused to believe them. Perhaps that’s why Uday had to come forward and tweet, “Whoa! @ParineetiChopra and I are NOT dating guys…it’s kinda ridiculous! And she doesn’t call me Sir, though I think she should start.” Sigh! Okies, Mr Chopra, we get it that you are ‘NOT’ dating Parineeti. But why does the proposition sound so ridiculous to you? Wethinks you two, with your matching surnames and interests, will make a fab pair. Right, BollywoodLifers?