Paris Hilton is following Poonam Pandey on Twitter!

We fail to fathom what makes socialite-reality TV star-entrepreneur Paris Hilton follow publicity hungry Poonam Pandey on the microblogging site

That’s the question hovering around in our minds since the time we made this horrid discovery. We must say Poonam Pandey has managed to build quite a fan base for herself over a short period of time. The cheeky chick is very much in the news lately for her bold videos that are shot in her bedroom, bathroom and maybe living room someday. But it was quite a surprise to find out that Paris Hilton has left out most of the eminent personalities from B-town and chosen to follow Ms Pandey’s trail in the virtual world. Paris had recently come to Mumbai to promote her fashion line and she also hobnobbed with a lot of Bollywood celebs, including rumoured friend-turned-foe Kangna Ranaut. We think Poonam’s dare-to-bare acts have really impressed Ms Hilton which in turn made the sexy heiress feel the need to keep herself updated on Pandey’s impudent acts. So when half of India’s population is furtively checking out this girl on their computer screens, you never know, Paris is probably thinking of making her the brand ambassador of her new line of bags. Phew, now Kangna wouldn’t be too happy with this kind of competition, would she?

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