Pariva Pranati: Hamari Sister Didi is not like Sanjivani or Dill Mill Gayye

There’s a new doctor show in the market and we wonder if Sony Pal’s daily soap runs on the same lines

The recently launched channel – Sony Pal announced a new doctor show called Hamari Sister Didi starring Pariva Pranati (last seen in Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum) and Bhanu Uday (of Special Squad fame).

The show is a love story set in a hospital. Pariva plays a nurse, while Uday portrays the character of the Chief of Doctors. Now doesn’t the plot seem very similar to Star Plus’ Sanjivani and Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye? “Frankly, it’s not anything like Sanjivani or Dill Mill Gayye. Yes, the show is based around a love story but that’s not all. There are several plots linked to it. The concept will also touch upon two kinds of treatments. My character will emphasise that along with medicines love has an integral part in healing patients. And Bhanu’s character believes that medicine is a science and emotions have no role in it,” said Pariva.

Well we really hope that the show is not anything like the previous doctor shows. While we don’t mind the love story, but the medicine part of the show should not be skipped either. Right, BollywoodLifers.