Pavitra Rishta: I am not quitting the show as yet, says Rithvik Dhanjani

Rithivik Dhanjani, Asha Negi, Shruti Kanwar, Shakti Arora to quit Pavitra Rishta?

It came as a shocker when we heard that four of the main leads of the popular show had put in their papers

A source from the sets of Pavitra Rishta informed us that the makers were planning to take a leap, which was bothering a lot of actors. “Actually there is a little truth in the rumours. The makers are planning for a leap, but nothing has been finalised yet,” said the source.

And we heard Asha Negi (Purvi), Rithvik Dhanjani (Arjun), Shruti Kanwar (Ovi) and Shakti Arora (Onir) were quitting the soap. “Nothing is on paper as yet; the actors are still negotiating with the producers. There may be a lot of change post the leap,” we were told.

We caught hold of Rithvik to confirm if there was any truth to it. “I will not talk about anybody else, but my talks are still on with the producers. I have not quit the show as yet. Nothing is finalised . When I got to know that there is a leap happening, I had a few concerns which I took to the production house and they are still looking into it. The media has simply blown the story out of proportion that we’ve put down our papers and quit the show, et al. Nothing of that sort has happened from my end at least.”

So what really was his concern? “See, I not too keen to age that soon and play 25 years older than what I am already. I have already put forward my concerns, and if the production house works on it then great. If it’s workable around the story, but if not then I might have to move on,” said Dhanjani.

So was he looking at other prospects already? “To be honest, not currently; I am getting offers from outside, but I am not looking into anything as of now. ‘Coz first this needs to be sorted out, only then can I consider anything else,” added Ritvik.

And we asked him what might change post the leap, “The stories I have heard is that Ankita Lokhande (Archana) will be playing a double role. But then again this is what I have heard, it may not happen also since no one has narrated the story to me. Frankly, I really not the right person to comment on this and I am not the right person to judge it either.”

Meanwhile, we also caught up with Ankita for her version of the story. “See, I don’t have any clue about that. Even I am hearing a lot of stories from media friends, but how much of it is really true or happening, I don’t have any idea. I have not spoken to anyone about this. If incase I do decide to do a double role or anything like that, am sure you will get to know,” said the actor.

All said and done, it’s true that Pavitra Rishta is taking an 18-20-year leap, but will Rithvik, Asha, Shruti and Shakti still continue with the show or not is something only time, or perhaps, Ekta Kapoor can tell, right?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • SJL

    This all news are only ways to create publicity and nothing else.

  • Madevi

    i love purvi and arjun! you guys should get married

  • gudia jain

    plz onir nd purvi ek ho jao

  • shambhavi singh

    asha and rithvik please couple ban jaoo. i love you alot.

  • cool gaurav

    you all family for pavitra rishta i am big fan of you and my favra MAM IS ANKITA

  • shruti

    though ders 18-20 yrs leap to b in pavitra rishta…bt if all cutiesss n hottiesss go den whts so interesting to watch tht daily soap..??
    A suggestion for Rithwik n dis soap u were a beautiful romantic couple…to agle soaps jo karenge aap dono woh b saath me karna…v guys reaallly want to c u both n that too 2gthr in nxt soap n get married in real lyf one odr thn u wld suit eachodr …ur fans vl b happyyy.. n all d best

  • janessa

    all I have to say about that is it will really make no since because the climax of the story skipped. an I am sure that most people who watch pavitra rishta will STOP watching this show. I am one of this person who will stop watch this show because I don’t understand what is going on. If purvi arjun and ovi are still in this show most people will continue to watch this show.that is all I have to say for now.

  • raj shah

    its getting completely bored guys……ovi should not be brought back…remove ovi between purvi and arjun….ovi jus move away…entry of ovi between purvi’s life will make a great decrease in the viewers….of pavitra rishta…