Pavitra Rishta: Why is Ankita Lokhande quitting?

Pavitra Rishta: Why is Ankita Lokhande quitting?

The leading lady of Zee TV’s prime time show Pavitra Rishta has put down her papers

We expected Ankita Lokhande of Pavitra Rishta to take this step a year back when her boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput quit the show, but that never happened.

Archana and Maanav may have become a household name and it would be rather difficult to part with these characters, but change is inevitable, and everyone has to move on some time or the other. The show has been running for three years now and with Ankita walking out, we really hope the makers decide to end it. But obviously things never go the way we want them to, no?

Pavitra Rishta is set to take a seven months leap, post which Archana will become a grandmother – still looking young of course – as Ovi (Shruti Kanwar) and Arjun (Rithvik Dhanjani) become parents. If rumours are to be believed, Ankita is not keen to play a grandmother at this age. Also, the storyline post the leap definitely doesn’t excite her as the makers are planning to move on from Archana and Maanav. After seven months, the focus will be on Purvi (Aasha Negi) – Archana’s adopted daughter who will marry Shakti Arora, a doctor by profession.

While this seems to be the most viable reason behind Ankita resigning, we are forced to think that there’s more than that meets the eye. Was the real reason Sushant Singh? Or is Ankita entering films like her boyfriend? For all we know, Ankita quit Pavitra Rishta because she’s entering Bigg Boss. Naah! We are sure this will not go down well with the audience. Nonetheless, we wonder what the makers will do. Kill the character off or replace Ankita? Tell us what you think!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • barbie sophia

    lov the movies

    • pauline

      It about time the show come to an end come on you are killing on of the most watched soap show. And this six months leap and with archana leaving the show what can i say again let quit at the top please let archana and manav live happily ever please.

      • nair

        yes just end the show as they are finally living happily ever afer. Both archana and manave had enough of struggling for in their married life

  • Esha

    Great! Its nice to quit coz ankita doesnt deserve to be grand mother she is nice girl

  • Gurunadh

    High time ankita quits, not fit for an elderly look:-((

  • Dd

    i think its should just end now.. pavitra rishta was about manav and archana whats the point if they not there anymore? if not just change them with older actors?? they just gonna mess it up… :/

  • yaazhi

    Honestly I watch the show for purvi (aasha negi) and arjun purvi story so if they gone concentrate on them I dont mind but yeah ekta reunite arjun purvi plzzz

    After ankita asha is the one liked by pr fansss soo putting focus on her will definitely good

  • siraj

    pr was on higher note when there was sushant ankita together

  • mansi

    i think that hiten’s really wife gauri, should be the new archana. a lot of people want to see hiten and gauri back!

    • nair

      I have not seen them acting but i hope there is a chance to see one day

  • Padma Vishwanath

    Ankita as Archana is the soul of the show. She has poured so much life into the character of Archana . Along with Sushant, the Archana-manav love story seemed real and believable.
    If she quits the show, nothing much will be left! And Ankita surely does not deserve to age as she is young ,talented and one of the most beautiful ladies on TV.

  • uneza

    wish you a many many happy birthday dear ankita

  • Mona

    Honestly saying, i watch this serial for purvi-arjun only. I really dont care if ankita quitts……n if thinking about replacing……hiten’s wife will b perfect…….no!! forget about replacing, ankita’s character should be cutt-off, and should look forward with arjun purvi…………

  • shilpa

    I don’t agree if ankita quitts.

  • Jyo

    Today Ankita Lokhande officially out of Pavitra Rishta, Her charecter will be killed when she meet Aai to help her pilgrim

  • romesh

    Please donot let ankita lokhande go try ur best to save her. I am from guyana and the hold. guyana love her if she leve everybody wil stop witch pavitra rishta please do not let her go please

  • romesh

    Please donot make us cry guyana love her please please please please

    • Vedisha somaroo

      Hey i agree with Romesh we love you Ankita

  • Soujanya kulkarni

    If ankita quits the serial den surely serial ll go down because mannav n archana both are important charector of the serial first shushant quits half magic of the show already gne so ankita plz plz plz plz dont quit the show…..

  • hadhuirati-binti soiifi

    s’il vous plait ne laissez pas ankita partir

  • Linda

    I dont want Ankita(archana) to quit of the show then the show will not be the same.Im from (Macedonia FYROM)and Im watching every single day.Archana is a very important character I love her so so much she’s amaizing please Ankita don’t quit plssss…:(

  • Aien jamir

    Archana u r so swt im
    Wtchng P R coz of U plz dont go.

  • niki

    U got to be kiddin me is that wats happening!Well it doesn’t matter if she quits we all thought the same when the previous Manav quitted but plz don’t quit archu

  • sally

    luv u ankitaaah am in kenya wish i could see you

  • megh na

    i think archana must be replaced…

  • hannahsingh

    archana should be replaced because in some point of time she has to be there when there is a problem and even to support her family and reunite with soham

  • pooja

    we need archana to come back…if she quite the serial will be bored non will watch itz sure…only she is best to lead that role

  • Simral pun

    I don’t want archana to die on the film

  • Simral pun

    If archana dies I won’t watch the film ever.i like archu and she is caring for her own family and solve people problems don’t fire archu

  • Akshatha

    Ankita……miss u so much….

  • Mac

    Close the serial as there is no story line or return Arjun and Purvi and sack Ankita for all her tantrums on the show