Pavitra Rishta: Will Onir bring Arjun and Purvi together?

Pavitra Rishta: Will Onir bring Arjun and Purvi together?

Succumbing to public demand, it seems the makers have decided to unite the two lovebirds and welikes it

Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta has seen Arjun (Rithvik Dhanjani) and Purvi (Asha Negi) struggling with their feelings for each other, no matter how much they deny it. Since both are married to someone else, these feelings are termed as illegitimate. But with Ovi (Shruti Kanwar)- who has migrated to Canada – almost out of Arjun’s life, there seems a small ray of hope in this relationship.

And the best part is, Purvi’s husband – the ever understanding Onir (Shakti Arora) – will apparently be the cupid who will bring these two lovers back together. According to rumour mills, Onir will pretend to be the bad guy and indirectly unite Arjun and Purvi. Once the couple is back together, he will go back to rekindle his romance with Shalini (Maneka Lalwani), his first wife. Awww… now isn’t that just too sweet!

While we are sure that Arjun and Purvi will come back together and take care of their daughter, Pari, we wonder how the family will react to the news. Will they object to the unification or accept the inevitable and let them be? To find out, keep watching Pavitra Rishta.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • diviya

    I want them to get together, they’re such a cute couple and I can’t watch arjun being by himself any more.

  • varsha

    Love onir purvi onir ne purvi ko uske baby k sath apnaya to kya purvi use maf bani jar sakti. I think purvi and onir best couple if over

  • rima

    Hope this comes true and Zee’s not misleading or using ArVi fans this time around. Cannot wait for ArVi to reunite, had enough of the OOs.

  • hema

    that’s gr8 news dat onir is not union but purvi n arjun reunion is just undigestable we want 2 see purvi n onir together

    • shikha

      i am very disapoint with cv’s how they able to show that a pure soul suffer just for arjun-purvi reunion…………… is not acceptable ………….because of them onir suffer a lot….he did lots for purvi and loss everything………but purvi with arjun its disguting……………cv’s ,zee and ekta please think atleast once………….ekta always say she is only working for audience….she show the same think whick audience want……so,where is onir now a days…….why a pure soul suffer?audience never want a pure soul like onir suffer………………so please think one more time

  • neha

    what ekta is doing dat’s gr8 dat onir is not negative but arjun purvi reunion doesn’t make any sense we r n will b always punir supporters so we wil luv 2 watch punir together also hopes dat ekta wil unite punir

    • arya rajput

      Absolutely wright yar, i also like d character of onir, just because of him me my family my friends saw this show yarrr

  • shital

    dear ekta mam we r gr8 luvs of ur shows but in pr separation of onir n purvi is not acceptable we luv 2 watch d understanding between husband n wife ie between onir n purvi arjun was purvi’s past so should forget him n accept onir

    • shaz

      i just love ashvik!!!!!!!
      ritvik plz u and purvi get together in real lyf too..
      i knw sum thngz going on btw u both. so plz dnt make ur fans wait and say dat u love her. trust me all fans will b happy for u and pray. well m ur biggest fan so i ll b happy first.. so good luck!! and i love you!!
      good day…

    • midhu

      please reunite purvi & onir…..they are the best couple… far as arjun and purvi relationship is concerned it was not a platonic love or relationship…………………AND ONIR LOVES HIS WIFE DEARLY …..AND THEIR RISHTA IS PAVITRA RISHTA………….

  • nikita

    arjun nd purvi ki jodi achhi h isme koi shak nahi h.but onir ne purvi ke liye bohot kuch kiya hai.sari mushkilo me wo uske sath tha.nd wo purvi ko bohot pyar karta hai.arjun nd purvi ko milane ke liye onir nd purvi ko alag karna mujhe jara b achha nai lga.onir purvi ki jodi ekdam perfect hai.arjun ko ovi ke sath aage bdh jana chahiye coz she loves him.onir nd purvi ka rishta sahi mayne me pavitra rishta hai.

    • shujaina.fatima

      i love purvi nd arjun so much…………………..
      mjhe bhut achcha laga ke purvi nd arjun finally wo ab ek hojaye

  • Aarna

    I very very happy that shalini is onir’s 1st wife so coz of this reason my arvi will reunite again……about ovi ,I think she will send divorce papers to arjun from Canada n will never come back to India …….n I was just shocked by seeing her attitude towards pari . Before knw dat pari is arjun n purvi daughter she was treating pari as if her child but now it she is just acting like an hell…..

  • Smruthi

    Rithvik plz plz plz plz plz plz say to asha that u love her plz. Well I am most biggest fan of u and purvi. We heard that u and purvi are getting coz of this I am really really very happy for u n purvi………..

    • Prithvi

      Hey u r right smruthi that there is something going on btw both of them….and the happiest news is arjun purvi are getting reunited……..

      • Rimjhim

        Hope this news come true and Arjun Purvi are reunite forever. As for Onir and Ovi, well they were just the twists in the Arvi love story, so it is better they have a decent exit from the show.

        • Seenevaragachetty

          Hope Arjun & Purvi get together

  • Ro-opa tAmuShyo

    arJuN iz puRvi’s paSt aNd oNir is her present. Onir nE purvi ko haar dukh mein saath dIya hain sO PUrvi have realize the valUe Of his love…..he deVerSe that yAar…i lOp oNir nd i lop waTchIng purVi nd oNir toGETHer <3<3<3 u puNir

  • Rupa

    arJuN iz puRvi’s paSt aNd oNir is her present. Onir nE purvi ko haar dukh mein saath dIya hain sO PUrvi have 2 realize the valUe Of his love…..he deVerSe that yAar…i lOp oNir nd i lop waTchIng purVi nd oNir toGETHer <3<3<3 u puNir

  • sia

    onir iz great and purvi shud realize that and go bak to onir wid fresh start! Ovi too give 1 try to save marraige wid arjun. Purvi n onir share pavitra rishta!

  • Ronita Sanjini

    Love pavitra rishta, just want arjun and purvi together such a lovely couples.

  • Shruti

    I know Onir loves Purvi but Arjun and Purvi are best couple .I m waiting to reunion of Arjun and Purvi

  • Aasika

    Hope this comes true once and for all and that CVs are not misleading again. Ovi might love Arjun and Onir might love Purvi but they are just not made for them. Arjun and Purvi are each other’s souls, the soulmates and their love for each other reflect in Pari. Feeling kinda sad for Onir but he is better of without Purvi whose heart still belongs to Arjun and continue to belong to him. No point dragging Arvi reunion anymore. They showed the hint of their reunion during Mahasangam episode and also by showing the promo of Pari bringing them together, but it’s still not happened. Hope they will not show Arjun Ovi and Onir Purvi after building hopes of Arvi reunion all these months.

  • radika

    I think they will make onir and ovi a couple based on whats happening now.

  • shruti

    I want arjun n purvi to cum together….ya onir accepted purvi n pari bt cant be love… She loves arjun n even arjun loves purvi….so I hope they ger married n dnt let their fans get disheartened…. If they dnt get married pavitra rishta is waste of tym….n whts ovi about to…??she wants to know d truth behind onir leaving purvi….whts d use of knowing it….oviiii dnt do thtt……let d mahaepisode of 17th b d best 1 …..aashwiks fan specially me…..are waiting 4 d best…..ekta plzzz letus c arvis mrrge….or else watchng it is waste

  • mukthar..

    porvi porvi porvi porvi….i love acting my best friend…o yaaaa

  • nadena