Pavitra Rishta: Will Purvi and Arjun reunite for their child?

Pavitra Rishta: Will Purvi and Arjun reunite for their child?

Ekta Kapoor’s popular show on Zee TV is gearing up for some major showdown

Pavitra Rishta’s Purvi (Asha Negi) is the mother of Arjun’s (Rithvik Dhanjani) child. All this while, Purvi kept it hidden from everyone, even Arjun, but no secret remains a secret for that long.

The truth had to come out sooner than later. In the upcoming episodes, Purvi’s family will learn about the illegitimate child. Obviously, everyone is enraged and blame her for the stupidity. Wonder if they forgot that two people play a role in bringing a child to the world. When Ovi – Arjun’s wife (Shruti Kanwar) comes to know of this, she is livid with Arjun. The couple, who had just about managed to sort out their issues, has a major fight. Nasty, right!

In all this blame game, only one person supports Purvi – her husband Onir (Shakti Arora). He pacifies the family and brings everyone together. What a guy! Who wouldn’t want such a man in their life? Well, Purvi doesn’t. Even though she claims that she is over Arjun, we wonder if she really is.

Now that the secret is out, will Arjun try to get back with Purvi? Or will Purvi realise the worth of her husband and decide to stick with him? Will Ovi ever be able to forgive Arjun and Purvi and move on?

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  • Jarin

    I want arvi together otherwise I will not see the show.ankita is also going.I like the show because of them.I will not see the show and I will not let my family to see the show.please don,t let the show down.I love you arvi

    • Sweet ammara


  • sandhya

    i liked this show because of archana and manav(sushant). it was very difficult to digest when sushant left the show. But now arjun and purvi make a great couple.So please dont make so many complication in their life.I don understand how a mother can give her child to someone else. please don do unfair with purvi. In real life a person cant sacrifice so many things. so please give back purvi’s happiness; arjun and her baby.
    Otherwise, sorry to say that we are not happy to see your serial with so many complication.
    Day by day Pavitra Ristha is very boring and lot of please change the concept. it should be genuine.

    • handu

      please re unite arvi……………their chemistry had made pavitra risra popular……….onir poorvi cannot compliment each other……………..only arviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • kalyani

    please reunite arvi

  • kim

    purvi should stick with onir

  • mango

    ARVI should reunite. WE WANT ARVI!!!!!

  • horla

    Arvi will reunite
    purvi can not stick with onir, Arjun is the second male lead and purvi is also second female lead, and with the help of the child they will get back together

  • preeti

    Please put Arjun and Purvi back toghther the show is nothing without them. There are too many complications in the story. It’s not worth watching anymore if they don’t come toghther. Should have killed Ovi in the accident instead of the baby. Onir is not not right for purvi. PLEASE SAVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARVI TOGHTHER FOREVER

  • pallavi

    pls pls let arjun and purvi reunite

  • Amita

    plssssssss reunite arvi.

    • Sweet ammara

      I want arjun and purvi together

  • Ankita

    Purvi and onir’s relationship would be a actual pavitra rishta if purvi accepts onir

  • Aniska

    I agree very much with ankita.

  • asmita

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee reunite arjun and purvi…………………………pleaseeeeeeee

  • Meera

    What will happen in pavitra rishta after march 28th 2013? What will arjun do? Will he know that it is his baby to? I don’t want onir and purvi to get together at all. But will purvi start to love onir? Thank you please reply to this? Oh and before they do a leap will ArVi get back together?

  • pooja

    no ways onir is not love of purvi and not ovi of arjun and JO EK DUSRE SE PYAR KARTE HE UNHE KO SATH RAHNA CHAHIYE.As love is always imp in marriage otherwise it always a compromise.

  • littythomas

    the writers are destroying purvi’s character. if arvi is not to reunite then no one will watch the show. who cares 4 purvi onir romance. we dnt want it

  • edron

    Every viewers wants arjun n purvi together n i hate dat onir (wanna b god ) just kill both ovi n onir dy r d anticupid i hate dm dr shud b a hapi ending if arvi dnt meet @last dn dn shutoff ua stupid shw every luv story cnt b sad n incomplete ……dnt try to mke sm novel its a serial so pls let d true lovers hv a hapi endng n brng happiness to viewers faces

  • diya

    i want arjun purvi together
    day by day this serial is getting booring without them please do something otherwise no one will watch it !!!

    • nishtha

      ya it’s really a truth abt pavitra rista

    • nishtha

      ya it’s reall a truth abt pavitra rista

  • rosy

    I really want them together so badly.Ekta please unite them

  • manisha

    i totally agree with ankita n anishka purvi n onirs rishta is real pavitra rishta

  • ashaaa

    ekta mom jxt re unite purvi& arjun cz dey r de bst couples in pavitra rishta wen arvi are re united we will be delighted

  • Aarna kapoor

    No I do not agree that onir n purvi ‘s pavitra rishta. Cz purvi is mum of arjun’s child so obviously there is arvi’s pavitra rishta.

    • Roli

      Yes u r right arvi should reunite ……..

  • Pooja

    ArVi have had great moments in the past and that’s what’s not allowing their fans to move on. Yes they were a great couple, but you can see that Onir cares for Purvi so much. If ArVi does happen, they will not only be betraying Ovi and Onir who loved their partners but also be wrecking the lives of others for personal benefits. Plus Purvi will fall in love with Onir and he’ll get what he deserves. If Arjun really loved Purvi, he wouldn’t get Ovi pregnant at least! Besides even though Ovi is spoiled, wouldn’t any girl in her situation want her husband to love her? They made commitments and if they back out, the show will make no sense. Then ArVi fans will say that even though their couple is together, it has no meaning because there wasn’t a good story. I watched today’s episode and you can see that PuNir do care a lot for each other and deserve each other.

  • Pooja

    I mean Onir has gone through so much for Purvi and Arjun has just been a brat. He’s playing two girls at once. Onir still supports her and that’s a wonderful quality in a husband!

  • Pooja

    And if ArVi are re-united, since the couple will leave Onir and Ovi, there will needless drama. Ovi would again create a problem and Purvi’s family will hate her more than they do now.

  • Asha negi

    OMG! Arvi is going to reunite.that means I and arjun are going to reunite….

  • Arvi Kapoor

    I hate onir and purvi together……

  • maria

    ce faci

  • misbah

    I want purvi and arjun to meet and maarry in pavitra rishta they make fantabulous couple…..that ovi dsnt suit arjunnn ….plzz do something plese

  • Remika

    Hey rithvik and asha i want married of u two guys in real life.

  • sneha

    purvi n arjun must get 2gthr ….its a high tym 2 b later it will mre a truth their children bring them 2gthr so its better if they get together nw as children likes 2 b wid both mum n dad.

  • Zara

    I love arvi very much.please let them reunite.

  • sweetie

    i love ankita

  • pratik

    Arjun and Purvi shud b back together

  • Timama

    Please re unite purvi and arjun

  • varsha

    Prestigious I agree with you. Or bardash nahi hota arjun poorvi ko jaldi milao

  • alisha

    purvi and arjun make a cute couple reunite them together in de soap ..

  • shambhavi singh

    please reunite arvi .we all want them together.

  • minisha

    please reunite arjun and purvi..what the hell with dis show?how can arjun love ovi?? wo jabardasti arjun se shaadi kii

    • Purvi and Arjun

      PURVI AND ARJUN GET BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      the show is sooooooooo boring without them but i think arjun and ovi will divorce and then purvi and onir (purvi also found out about onirs first wife…. so the chances of them seperating are good) and then purvi and arjun can get back together again! and btw, i think pari /their daughter) will make them get back together as u can also c in sum shows already!

  • shonali jaiswal

    we want arviiiii back pls pls reniute arvi