Pavitra Rishta’s Ankita Lokhande the biggest drama queen of telly land?

Pavitra Rishta’s Ankita Lokhande the biggest drama queen of telly land?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s lady love gave the crew of Pavitra Rishta a tough time recently

Ankita Lokhande might be portraying the character of a nice and simple gal in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta. However, she is probably one of the biggest tantrum queens in the television industry, it seems. From what we hear, Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend gave the production team of Pavitra Rishta a tough time recently. To an extent that the crew was almost in tears. Here’s what happened…

Apparently, Ms Lokhande was on the sets shooting like she usually does. However, the shoot stretched because of a few retakes by other actors and other issues. The sequence was incomplete, but Ankita denied shooting as her shift was over. The crew was almost in tears and kept requesting her to resume shooting, but she was certain and said, “Sorry boss, meri shift khatam ho gayi hai.

This ain’t the first time when we have heard about Ankita’s starry tantrums. Last we heard that Ms Lokhande was apparently in a foul mood due to the change in time slot for her show. And then there were also some stories floating about Asha Negi’s exit from the show due to Ankita’s not so friendly attitude with her. Well, no wonder Ankita hasn’t got a big break in Bollywood yet. Maybe she should take a cue from her boyfriend Sushant, who is known to be quite a workaholic himself.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • rehan

    She is an embarrassment to the telly industry

    • samia jamil

      your an embarassment to human kind as you so gullibly believe this trashy article.

      • rehan

        When you have tons of news from different sites storying about her being the biggest drama queen; i guess i did be gullible.

  • Tantrum

    Recycling same old articles again and again to fill space huh!

  • kitty

    Say something new. It’s old news that the media has a beef against Ankita as she doesn’t give interviews. And she isn’t doing films right now cos she has no interest in doing trashy stuff over a TV serial for which she is highly paid. She might do films if she gets a good role.

  • yazz

    just make rumours u guys plz bring out new stories now

  • anya

    what u problem with ankita.. say some thing new Recycling same old articles again and again ….

  • queen

    Whole crew in tears? Really? Who is being a Drama queen now? Nothing else to write about eh..

  • Kan

    Very ugly woman who has nothing special! Look around and you will how many women are there who are adorable and sweet. Very soon your drop down will start.

    • Ravi

      she’s ugly? haha people like you make me laugh. jealous people, shes pretty,you have no taste.


    she’s pretty (but not the prettiest) and can act any role
    if that was true well the woman must be tired