People we want to see on ‘Love 2 Hate U’

Posted Thu, December 29, 2011 4:03pm IST

There are many celebrities that we would like to see on the chat show and just when we had made up our minds on who we want on the list, one person’s name was struck off it, since he might appear in the hot seat very soon. And that person is Ram Gopal Varma, the king of controversies and a specialist in foot-in-mouth moments!

Ram Gopal Varma will be a guest on Arjun Rampal’s Love 2 Hate U, we hear. And just like with the many haters that have been on the show, this time too the guest will be given get the golden opportunity to vent at the celeb – who has bored and tortured his viewers on various occasions by being part of something with absolutely no entertainment value at all. We definitely envy the hater who gets to confront RGV and ask him what made him make movies like RGV Ki Aag , a film that no one with any sanity would have been part of, wethinks. And we’re so looking forward to this episode! But we want to see a lot of other celebs on the show and hear their side of the story, see them defend themselves, especially when they are faced with a volley of questions from their haters…