Phata Poster Nikla Salman Khan?

Phata Poster Nikla Salman Khan?

Is Shahid Kapoor aping Salman in the first look of his new film?

Judging by the first trailer of his new film Phata Poster Nikla Hero (PPNH), we can’t help but see Salman Khan in Shahid Kapoor’s mannerisms

Shahid’s new avatar in PPNH has a hangover of Salman’s Dabangg – the police uniform, those aviators…the only major difference is the comic element to it, which is a trademark of the Rajkumar Santoshi style.

This will be Shahid Kapoor’s first film in 2013, after the debacle of Teri Meri Kahaani in 2012. And even as you see Prabhu Deva and Rohit Shetty’s joint influence in the action sequences, you cannot miss Santoshi’s fun touch spicing up the trailer. Catchy it is, but will it help Shahid return to the list of successful actors? We will have to wait and watch…

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  • Ared

    His character is supposed to be a big fan of Salman Khan’s. So the Salman deja vu is probably intentional.

    • jahida

      shahid ur action is wonderful and it is soooo funny and ur a greate superstar then ranbir kapoor lazy he is nothing i dont know whe he got caps in every awards show

    • Jahida


      Sahid has his own style and salman has own. However Sahid isnot fan of salman. He always copies only one megastar of world Mr. Shah Rukh Khan.

  • geena

    shahid ur the best super star $ ur action is so super duper i think in 2013 u beat sleepy ranbir k and lazy ranbir kapoor u look good

  • sona

    ur action is best and ur the best superstar of 2013

  • Shreya Srivastava

    Better than ranbir kapoor?? Hahaa shahid’s insecure teenage fans first gi nd learn english nd then speak. Ranbir is 10 times more talented than your idiot ugly looking shahid kapoor. Even in his next 7 births shahid can’t match ranbir’s talent!

  • prayansh

    One same shahid kapoor fan commenting again nd again with diff names. But the truth will not change that ranbir is a powerhouse of talent whereas shahid is as good as katrina when it comes to acting hahaaa

  • Shreya Srivastava

    Ugly a** shahid with beautiful illeana. Bahot nainsafi hai!

  • Susan

    The movie looks amazing. Shahid Kapoor is definitely better than Ranbir Kapoor.Shahid is more talented and hot.