Phir Subah Hogi to go off air on March 22?

Mon, March 11, 2013 7:30pm IST by
Phir Subah Hogi to go off air on March 22?

It’s true, says a strong buzz. And we wonder why…

Phir Subah Hogi went on air on April 17, 2012. And it’s a serial that revolved around the Bediya community of Madhya Pradesh. Initially the show occupied the 9.30 pm slot on Zee TV. But in October, it was shifted to the late night 11 pm slot, making way for Qubool Hai on the channel. TRP trouble? Probably.

But looks like the makeover and change in timings did little to save the show’s dipping TRPs. So now we are told that the serial might air its last episode on March 22.

Are we sad? Not a wee bit. But what about the actors of the show? When protagonist Gulki Joshi was questioned about its end, she said, “We have been hearing about the show going off air. But we are yet to receive any official confirmation on the same.”

Does that mean the channel is in two minds about this decision? If so, let’s make it easier for them peeps, tell us: Do you want Phir Subah Hogi to go off air?

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  • Mouni

    Phir subah hogi is no doubt a good show with a unique story & the name suggests the same. Yes the show incurred some flaws in the mid stage after a very good start. Actually the way the main characters were potrayed, it was tough to accept the then track. Hats off to Varun & Gulki who had done a great job & it was impossible to take anyone else as lead other than these two.
    The show lost its charm when some 3rd person interfered in their relation & the gunpoint marriage occurred, but again after-leap everything seems to get fine again with the amazing chemistry of Varun & Gulki. We now really want the show to go on.

    • Nisha

      Yes we want this show to continue. We love Vikram Sugni together. Please Zee TV don’t end this show.

  • Soham Satpathy

    psh is the best serial plz plz plz dont end the show

  • Ronshaan

    After 8 months of torture finely this show come on track, we love vikram-sugni as main leads plz dont end the show it become very nice
    Varun n gulki together rock the show but yes the suman drama is bore to watch but vikram sugni scenes are always rocking

  • sarahnia

    please do not end the show…it was the best show i have ever watched…we love Thakur Vikram Singh.

  • Deepika Sahoo

    plz do not end the show.

  • swagatika sahoo

    psh is the best show so plz don’t end the show.

  • ShaanSE

    We wish to see varun gulki together in new show if psh ends
    but we wish to see psh and wish this wont end :(

    vikram sugni are the best jodi

  • petal cedeno

    plz don’t take off this show its my first Indian soap opera I’ve ever watched and i love this show i want to know what will happen next they r finally together it feels unfinished like a great book you’re reading and the last chapter is missing

  • charmaine

    This was an interesting sequel to watch. Phir S

  • charmaine

    This was an interesting sequel to watch. Phir Subah Hogi a second season to look forward too. Loved watching Sugni and VT together.

  • Sita

    psh is the best show so plz don’t end the show. Don’nt take off this show, i’ve ever watched and i love the soap.

  • sabyasachi dhar

    we want phir subhah hogi season 2 with same casts at any cost plz plz plz bring back…