Pic: Is Rani Mukerji trying to hide behind that mink fur?

Pic: Is Rani Mukerji trying to hide behind that mink fur?

We spotted the Talaash babe posing with a fan in London. It seems that the charming actor was trying to hide behind the massive collar of her overcoat, but Rani’s devotee found her out eventually

How star-struck would you be if you find a B-town diva walking down the street and you bump into her accidentally? Here’s an ardent Rani Mukerji fan who bumped into the petite actor in London. The Talaash actor happily acknowledged her fan and even fulfilled her wish by posing for a picture or two.

Going by the still, one can sense that Rani wanted some ‘me’ time in the British capital, away from the constant media glare. The brown-eyed beauty was wearing a stylish warmer with a massive mink fur in the collar. She sported no make-up and the big yellow bang slung over her shoulders suggests that the star was out for some serious shopping.

We wonder if Rani will be back in Mumbai soon as her forthcoming movie Bombay Talkies has already started making a strong buzz. The makers must be looking for Rani’s support for the promotions as she is the only star power in this hatke cinema. Will Rani be back in the island city soon? Only she can tell!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • James

    Rani should do more films…what a waste of talent not utilized. Rani should do an negative role…Its my thinking though Vidya did a terrific job in Kahaani, I feel Rani would have done it perfectly…whenever I see the movie, I feel how would have Rani done this scene……Rani Rani Rani…get in touch with ur fans somehow fb, twitter whatever

  • saree joker

    Rani mukherji is one of the best actors in Indian film industry, she should do more and more films that we certainly expect from her, but god knows for what reason she has been missing in silver screen these days, so comeback rani , we are eagerly waiting you see in many more films.

  • chopra

    I think Rani is just chilling out in London, I dont think there is anything wrong in it. She is a superb actress , and will come back whenever she feels, and we just wish that an actress like rani gift us beautiful films like talaash , black, bunty aur babli and so on. I just love you rani, we all your fans are wishing you see on silver screen.God bless you.

  • karan (delhi)

    Rani I am your biggest fan , please do more films for us. i I personally feel that you are capable even now to compete with other heroines in terms of your acting , we all have seen your brilliant performance in TALAASH, so whwre are you these days babe?? Come back soon on films, plzzzzzzzz.

    • Rani Mukharji

      Hi Dear Karan,

      Thanks darling for the post. i really appriciate your eagarness for my films thanks again. you will see me soon in my next blockbustur with amir and akshay both. will see you soon dear..

      Thanks again