Pizza 3D video: When the dead rise for the love of pizza…

Pizza 3D unveiled a creepily  fun on the sets video with actors dressed up as the dead gorging through slices of pizza

Have you ever imagined a day in the life of  people from other world? The world of dead. What do they like to eat other than human flesh and what do they like to drink other than blood? This seems to be the theme of the video Will you take a bite of this Pizza?,which was recently released. 

The video shows the actors donning their pale gory bhoot make-up gorging through slices of pizza, sipping coffee, slurping juices on the sets of Pizza 3D. The video which mainly features Dipannita Sharma in ghost avatar eating food like any other human, supported by a eerie background score. You decide which one sounds more creepy to you – Dipannita Sharma eating rotten looking pizza, a little girl ghost nibbling a pizza slice, ghastly looking Arunoday Singh and Dipannita Sharma slurping endlessly through their juice box, a zombie  with a severely decaying face gorging through pizza.

It seems like the makers wanted to give an evil twist to everyone’s favourite food pizza and what better way to freak you out than the idea of something terrifying eating something  delicious. The video poses a question to the viewers – Will you take a bite of this pizza? So will you share your slice of pizza with the visitors from  the beyond?

Watch the video below!