PLAYERS Movie Review: All set to lose the game

PLAYERS Movie Review: All set to lose the game

Abbas-Mustan’s mega action-thriller Players, unlike their previous outing Race, doesn’t have many twists and turns initially but once they start spilling there’s no stopping them, turning an already boring film into a laughable and cringe-worthy affair. Read review…

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s character, Spidey, raises a toast and roars “may the best player win!” Sitting in the theatre waiting for the film to get over, you secretly mumble, may all the players be shot dead and let’s get it done with! Your mumbling doesn’t stop there. You secretly hope that none of the entities who have been bumped off so far get resurrected from their deathbed to stretch an already burdensome plot to the tipping point of boredom. But, alas, nobody’s really listening to you. Cars keep on somersaulting and the plot and sub-plot get all clogged up. Snazzy gadgets and shiny people get rolled out in some of the best locales in the world, but nothing seems to hold your interest. Even the best of camera work (Possibly, the only credit-worthy thing about Players) and the stunning-looking Bipasha and Sonam start getting on your nerves after a point.

Abhishek Bachchan (Charlie) is a smart thief who can steal anything from right under your nose with the help of his lady love Ria (Bipasha Basu). Charlie looks up to a jail inmate Victor Dada (Vinod Khanna), whose daughter Naina (Sonam Kapoor) is a master in ethical hacking. Victor and Charlie, with the able assistance of three specialists – an illusionist (Bobby Deol), a prosthetic expert (Omi Vaidya), a car specialist (Sikandar Kher) and a top techie (Neil Nitin Mukesh) hatch the plan of robbing gold worth Rs 10,000 crore. And as expected they pull off the feat. Well, as expected in any heist film, one of the players turns out to be a traitor and wants to hog all the gold. Then the player goes on a killing spree to eliminate the rest of them. But, by the curious twist of fate, a few of them make a comeback (from heaven or hell we don’t know!) to get the stolen gold back from that the player who had turned hostile.

Players is based on the 2003 Hollywood flick The Italian Job. While the original film intrigues you and propels the narrative with a chain of events like betrayal, murder and double crossing, this Indianised version springs unnecessary and even juvenile twists in a desperate attempt to surprise. The first half of the film, despite the lack of any shock value is watchable in parts. The second half though escalates from being predictable to boring and ultimately becomes a pain to watch. So much so that you become numb to the twist-and-turn saga. The wavering narrative goes for a toss and everything becomes a tedious affair. Generally, films like these compel us to collect the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and attempt to form a clearer picture. In the case of Players, the emerging picture is so hideous that you stop picking up the totally unconvincing cues.

As for the performances, the lesser we talk the better. Abhishek Bachchan is not an ounce different from his last duds Game and Dum Maro Dum. Bipasha Basu looks hot and has delivered a decent performance. Sonam Kapoor struggles to find a place for herself in the film. She hams, cries and mouths her lines but you just don’t empathise. Omi Vaidya’s one-liners elicit a few giggles. Bobby Deol has played his part well while Sikandar Kher has one expression throughout the film and fails to impress. Neil Nitin Mukesh, for some reason, seems to be obsessed with stretching his eyebrow or flashing a lop-sided cunning smile throughout the film. It gets repetitive. Vinod Khanna has done a pretty good job and Johnny Lever’s histrionics provide the much needed respite from the plot. Pritam’s music is uninspiring, flat and boring. The only positive aspect of the film is its lavish cinematography. Overall, Players is all set to lose this game!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • mohsin

    its abooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggg film………………

    • Farhan

      You’re an idiot. The movie rocks! Specially Abhishek!

      • harpreet

        yes ur ryt sir ..the movie is really amazing …n abishek specially..really enjoyed…bt u too rockks sir in don ..wht a master p …..u knw i love ur style , ur voice , the way u talk ..n m waitng for don 3 …gud bye..

      • abhishek reddy

        heres some gud news fr u buddy……… is declared s utter flop……….the collections hve dpped……….and evn weekend ticktz r available………tis is cald bachan stamina

        • saurabh

          movie is not bad its a typical abbas mastan thriller but that bad part is that sonam kapoor dies in the film……

        • rajarsh

          sonam kapoor dies in the film saaaaaaad

          • parnav

            @rajarsh @ajay u stupid guys its bipasha who dies in palyers not sonam

          • parnav

            rajarsh n saurabh idotic personalities its bipasha who dies in the film not sonam.

  • Shikha

    Its a boringly lengthy film review. make it short and crisp

  • Akshu

    Tell me Clearly guys please.
    What u thing about this movie
    Is it one time watch or not ?

    • Brijnandan

      u can see one time if u not saw Itlian job movie .

    • Abhiseh Bachhan

      Take my word for is going to biggest hit of 2012 and the win all the should watch this movie at least 3 times..

      Else the producer won’t pay me & I have a fmaily to support.

      Pls… my movie

    • sandeep

      movie {players} is good. U can watch without hesitation

  • Minal Malik

    so damn true u might make a nice film boringgg by such a review!!!!!!!!!!!!wish ab tons of luck!!!!!!!!!!

  • iona

    Nice review. very interesting read. the writer has done a pretty good job

  • Agaz

    Players is mind blowing movie. It will be a block-buster as days progress, despite bad review due to corrupt mind. Abhi and Babi are among the finest actors but repitted bad reviews and bad luck have spoiled a bit their career so also AK y Khanna.

    • Abhishek Bachhan

      yes, it is going to be a bigger hit than Ready, Bodyguard, Don2, Ra One, 3 Idiots etc…I should be the king of bollywood instead of the 3 Khans who don’t have a father linke mine

      • IKKU

        sir u r gud actor……..
        plz chooose movie which u thik will best for ur carrer
        i like to see ur name on top

  • Brijnandan

    Full copy from Itlian job.

    • rajesh

      i don’t think u ever watch Itlian job.

  • rajesh

    nice…… movie,
    shameless review.

  • Virat

    Great movie. Good acting from all.
    Far far better than Don2 and Bodyguard garbage.

    • ajay


  • ajay

    your review was booring not the movie

  • sahilfajal

    very very borrrrrrrrrring film. Jitni usne aaj kamai ki he usse jyada to don2 ne apne 3rd friday yani aaj ki he…srk you rockssss…sorry abhishek….

  • ambi

    “”Worst movie…pathetic movie..Abhishek’s acting very poor…Sonam please acting is not your cup of tea…”"

  • Zeel

    Nice Movie . Its really A good Movie . Dont miss it .

  • Pratik

    Its a superb Movie…. Abbas Mastan Rocks!!!!!

  • Sidhu

    Its an mind blowing Movie gr8 twist & suspense!!!!!! Go for it u’ll really like it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vikas

    Its a fntastic movie gr8 with a new year…its new year Gift from Abbas Mastaan…Really agr8 Movie!!!!!!!!!

  • Vishal

    It is a awesome is not worst your review is worst,take a middle finger for your review.

  • Prasad

    I enjoyed every minute of the long film. Viewer appreciation was visible. Abhishek has screen presence like his father, which is most acceptable to many. He should only thunder a little more and harden his face to add vigour to his personality. Abbas Mastan have handled the project deftly.

  • nagendra

    sach a nice movie……..each & every moment

  • pritam

    Ekdum Khatara Movie
    Don 2 Is Far More Better !

  • abhishek reddy

    abhishek bachan shld now drink hs own piss…………aftr so many hpeless movies……….he is spoiling the name of amitabh

  • mukesh miglani

    very nice movie super-duper hit movie

  • Kunal

    Ab tak to mujhe ek baat samajh me aa gai hai shayad aap logo ko bhi aa gai hogi ya aa gaay sonam kapoor is the biggest looser(manhoosh)actress of this industry in present time!To jis film me wo rahegi bhala wo kabhi hit hogi?Maha bakwaas sadi ki sabsey flop actrors jis film me ho to flop to tai hai chahb wo film 500 crore ki kyu na ho!Saal ki sabsey starting boring pakau film ,abhishek amitabh ke naam par kalank hai!Ek bhi baar dekhne wali film nahi hai isse achi to don2 lakh guna behtar film hai!

  • poonam

    who would want to see an abhisheetk movie and i agree he has no expressions no vocie modulations only stands and says his dialogues and gets paid…maybe abbas mastan wanted a flop to theri name and thats why they signed a useless actor

  • sin

    Critics should just bugger off and stop spoiling movies for fans. I watched this film and loved it. I am a huge Bipasha fan and I thoroughly enjoyed the film. These actors have worked really hard on the movie so keep your negative opinions to yourself. Hope the film will do great commercially despite all these haters comments!!!

    • xyz

      Who asked you to read the reviews if you have such a big problem. These are for people who want to get an opinion and dont want to spend time and money watching duds!

  • Archana

    I have seen players and it was quite nice movie.
    The action loving generation should defenately see the movie.
    this movie rockssssssssssssssssssss

  • Magda

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