Policegiri trailer: Is Sanjay Dutt trying to outdo Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn?

Watch the explosive trailer of Dutt’s forthcoming venture for its tacky dialogue baazi

Sanjay Dutt’s forthcoming venture Policegiri is Dabangg on the dope! Or better still it is Salman Khan’s Robinhood Pandey drama and Ajay Devgn’s Singham rolled into one in Sanju baba’s style. Going by the trailer one can say that there’s hardly anything in the movie that you have not seen before. From the fearless cop act to the gravity defying stunts and from the fierce fist fights to the never ending explosive dialogue baaziPolicegiri has it all in generous proportions, to the extent that it can get on your nerves.

Especially the never ending dialogues which hit you like insistent showers. Sample these lines. “Main yahan aya hoon sheher ki safai karne, gundon ki dhulai karne aur kanoon todne walon ki thukai karne,” roars the raging Dutt. Clearly, he plays a sanki (mad) cop who is on mission to clean up the city off its notorious elements and reinstill faith about the police department in the hearts of the aam janta. At one instance he appeals to his fellow policemen – humein logon ko batana hain ki hum unke bhai hain aur goondon ko jatana hain ki hum unke baap hain. If you think that’s over the top, listen to this – a sub inspector, awed by Baba’s fearlessness goes – Sir, aapko dekh ke lakta hain ke Gabbar Singh ne police force join kar li hai.

We can go on and on about Sanjay Dutt’s over the top Policegiri and its forced dialogues. You take a look at the trailer – at your own risk – and tell us your take on it!

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