Pooja Bhatt almost gets arrested!

The Jism 2 director had to rush to the court after being warned by the judge that she could be arrested

At times, our B-town folks have such interesting real life stories to tell that we wonder why don’t they turn the camera on themselves for a bit and cull out a real story and make it into a movie. And director Pooja Bhatt could have become one such funny character, except for the fact that in reality she could have ended up behind bars!

Recently, a case filed in 2005 was being heard where a St Xavier’s college professor Pratibha Nathani had filed a complaint against Pooja as she found the posters of her film Rog starring Irrfan Khan offensive.

Everything was going well, and Pooja’s lawyers even informed the judge that the director was travelling which is why wasn’t able to attend the hearing. However, it seems Pooja’s lawyers were a bit careless while talking to the judge and their callousness while in handling his questions had the court fuming and the judge ordered Pooja to be in court, else he would issue an arrest warrant! Funnily enough, her lawyer didn’t know that Pooja was already in town as she rushed to the court, all apologies. “I have always been present in court when called. I was supposed to travel to London for a month, but the visit has been postponed. In fact, I had informed the court earlier, but that judge has been transferred,” said Pooja who then made her lawyers file a submission saying they weren’t aware of her being in Mumbai!

For now, it seems Pooja’s ordeal is over, but we hope she chooses her lawyers carefully the next time around. We’re sure she isn’t that eager to give her Sadak co-star Sanjay Dutt company behind bars!