Pooja Bhatt on the hunt for a Cabaret girl!

The Jism 2 director is on the lookout for a feisty new heroine for her next film, Cabaret

Pooja Bhatt is a woman on a mission. After launching the likes of Sunny Leone and Udita Goswami, Pooja is now searching for a fresh face for her next film, Cabaret. With the film being a song and dance spectacle that’s going to be shot in exotic locations around the world, Pooja will need a really special lady to do the job.

However, we’re just wondering how the funding for Cabaret is coming along considering Pooja was supposed to partner with liquor baron Ponty Chadha who was killed in a shootout a few months ago. Now we just hope that Ponty’s company Waves production will keep their end of the deal. Otherwise papa Bhatt is always there to finance the next sleaze fest, no?

Anyway we wish her well and hope she lands a pretty face with an attitude to match soon. Just hope it’s not another pornstar! Wink wink!