Pooja Chopra: If there was a tax on talking, I would surpass Amitabh Bachchan!

The beauty queen is all set to start shooting for Commando 2. We catch up with her before she gets busy with all that hardcore action

The first thing we discovered about Pooja Chopra is that she can jabber constantly and there’s absolutely no room for boredom when you get talking with the babe. If she wasn’t a part of the glamour world, she confesses she would have indulged in greasy samosas and yummy delicacies without a care in the world. She used to be a tomboy in school and teddy bears and pink hair bands would makes her flesh crawl. And even though she has grown up to be a pretty lass who loves to be the ‘dainty li’l style darling’, all colour coordinated from head to toe, inherently she is still one of those gals who loves to lounge around in her shorts and ganji, bully her friends and eat like no one’s watching… Get to know more about the Commando 2 babe that you never expected!

Commando 2…more action, more drama and of course, more expectations – does that make you all jittery?

Being jittery is good. When we started with Commando, none of us knew that it would be accepted so well. It was everyone’s first film – from the hero to the music director – so these first timers came together and put in a lot of hard work and of course there was a lot of passion and hope too. So we are now venturing into Commando 2 with a lot of josh and masti.

It seems there was bad blood between you and Vidyut Jamwal – how much sachai is there in the rumour?

Jamwal and me, we keep fighting. While shooting for Commando, I must have fallen like several times and he would always try to protect me. He was like my commando even in real life. So how can I fight with him? I tease him and all ‘coz I am an absolute chatterbox; I am an ‘all over the place’ kind of a gal. He is so calm and serene – I keep trying to provoke him, but nothing affects him much.

We can see that you are quite a chatterbox…did you relate to Kareena Kapoor’s character (Geet) in Jab We Met?

Totally…my friends called me after watching the film and asked me if I met Imtiaz Ali by any chance as they felt that the character of Geet seemed to be completely inspired by me. In fact, my naani keeps teasing me that if there was tax levied on talking, I would have had surpassed Amitabh Bachchan by now!

You have had a modest upbringing and being middle-class has its set of boons and banes – what are those, according to you?

My values are still very modest – even now I wake up in the morning and touch my naani’s feet. Even today, if I buy an LV bag, my mother will not eat properly for a month. She will be like ‘Hey bhagwaan, yeh mere ek saal ki salary hai!’ So each penny is still counted; all my statements go straight to Mum in Pune. I think the boon is that it keeps you very grounded and well rooted.

Are you preparing yourself in terms of action? You have to match steps with ‘The Vidyut Jamwal’ yet again…

Oh, it’s quite a task to match steps with him. He is like a cheetah – he is so agile. But I am not too keen on Karate and action right now. My interest lies in the songs, dancing and feeling shy and looking pretty and all of that.

You belonged to an all girls school, so how’s the process been from being a gal who only had chick friends to being the babe who now has to unabashedly romance guys onscreen?

Honestly, I never had issues communicating with the guys, ‘coz I used to bully them. I was an absolute terror. In fact, in school, in skits and dramas, they always made me the boy.

Tell us something about your style statement…

You will never see me in high-street fashion. You won’t find me wearing out and out edgy clothes. My style sense is very feminine. Slipping into the punkish mode doesn’t come naturally to me – what comes naturally is being my girly self,  all delicate and dainty.