Pooja Sharma aka Draupadi from Mahabharat feels that the cheer haran sequence was toughest one!

The petite actor also speaks about her equation with Saurabh Raj Jain aka Krishna…

Model-turned-actor Pooja Sharma, seen as Draupadi in mythological TV drama Mahabharat, says the show has been a training ground for her and describes cheer haran (disrobing) as the toughest shooting sequence. The show, which went on air September 2013 on Star Plus, has already beamed the disrobing sequence. “The cheer haran sequence was a difficult one. It was demanding, taxing and physically very exhausting,” Pooja said. “And especially to understand the standards as to why these five men, who claim to be my husbands, are quiet on such a traumatic incident. And what was the reason that made them handicapped?” she added.

With no formal training in acting, for Pooja Mahabharat turned out to be a learning experience. “My preparations happened on the set. I was one of the last few people to join the cast. There wasn’t much time. I had a few meetings and discussions with the creative team, but beyond that the preparations happened slowly and gradually on the sets,” Pooja told from the sets of the show. “From how to speak the language, how to cry, how to memorise your lines, the show has really been my training ground,” added the actor, who sat for the interview in Draupadi’s costume – red coloured outfit paired with jewelries. She started her career as a television presenter, but the actor was always inclined towards performing arts. “I hosted shows for Zoom, plus I have done a lot of ads too. And yes, I have also modeled for a lot of products,” she said.

However, working in the show is not a cake walk, says the actor who gets drained physically because of the long hours and heavy costumes. And weather isn’t very helpful either despite the fact that sets are closer to the beach here. “Physically it is draining since it takes me long to dress up. It takes me at least two-and-half to three-hour every day to dress up because of the heavy costumes and jewelry. Also the shooting goes on for long hours, but besides that it has been an emotionally enriching experience.”

In the show Draupadi is Lord Krishna’s Sakhi (friend). How about off-screen? Saurabh Raj Jain plays Krishna in the show. “Saurabh is a very sweet person to work with. Most of my scenes are with him. He is very competent and a committed actor, so it’s fun doing scenes with him. We both call each other Sakhi and Sakha off screen too. In the older series of Mahabharat, the friendship Krishna and Draupadi shared wasn’t profoundly showcased. It was only established in this series,” said the actor.