Pooja Sharma aka Draupadi makes Duryodhan cry

Post Draupadi’s vastraharan, Duryodhan had tears in his eyes. Read on to know why?

On the sets of Mahabharat, the game of dice was probably one of the most intense sequences shot during the entire show. Draupadi’s vastraharan followed the game of dice. Dushyasan drags Draupadi to the court on Duryodhan’s orders. After making her five husbands – the Pandavas his slave, Duryoshan wants to humiliate Draupadi by taking off her clothes.

Draupadi first appeals to all the kings and ministers in the room, but no one comes forward to save her from Duryodhan’s evil intensions. Bheeshma and Guru Drona explain their predicament and are forced stay mum. Draupadi is upset with the Pandavas and expresses her disappointment that in spite of having five strong husbands none could protect her.

Duryodhan orders Dushyasan to strip Draupadi. Panchali stands in the centre of the court and challenges the brothers. She then prays to Lord Krishna, who comes to her rescue.

The entire sequence where Draupadi screams her disappointment in the Pandavas and when she taunts helplessness of the great Bheeshma pitama and Guru Drona is heart wrenching. Apparently, Pooja Sharma’s spellbinding performance touched everyone’s heart. During the shoot, after Pooja’s long monologue, even Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka) had tears in his eyes. They apparently had to halt the shoot to clear their emotions and then get back to shoot.